Guest Experience is Everything—Part 2

See how the same technologies that build brand affinity can also be leveraged for your front office requirements. Anything from dynamic team development to mobile applications and reservations.

>> What does the hotel of the future look like? It's live chatting with prospective guests. To help answer a lingering questions. Yes, Mrs. Mannington, we do accommodate cats.
>> Excellent.
>> It's knowing how your guest made the reservation, who they've spoken with and what their needs are.


We saw that your plane arrived late, Mr. Johnson. But don't worry, we held your reservation for you.
>> Thanks.
>> It's being able to control the lights and temperature of every individual room from the front desk or automatically keeping track of service carts to help optimize efficiency. It's a hotel that can instantly build dynamic teams in response to common problems.

So that if a window breaks, assembling of team of gas services, security, first aid personnel, and glass contractors can be done at the press of a button. Getting the right people to the right area immediately. Hm. It's make me I guess feel at home even when they're offsite.

Using proactive outreach to measures satisfaction and create promotional opportunities
>> [LAUGH] Nice.
>> This future hotel is already here. Avaya solutions increase hotel efficiency and improve the overall guest experience. So, what does the hotel of the future look like? Looks a lot like Avaya.