Gtech Case Study

Gtech can now provide industry-leading customer service thanks to the deployment of Avaya Contact Centre.

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The Avaya system has definitely helped us grow market share. When you sell a lot directly to the end consumer, you just can't grow unless you can process lots of transactions, handle lots of customer interactions, and give a good feeling and a good service. So we couldn't have grown without improving our systems.

And Avaya was a big part of that.
>> Now we're able to utilize better channels for our customers to get in touch with us. So through social media, web chat, they're all available to us now through one single solution.
>> So for us, we work really close with Avaya and the business partner as a kind of a three-way arrangement.

Typically, business partners will go and meet the end customer with a Avaya and have that conversation around Avaya. And we always encourage our business partners to bring us in that engagement. From that point on, we really can start talking and getting under the skin of the customer to understand their wants and needs.

And from that point on, start customizing the solution and really driving the return on investment and the business value add to the solution.
>> Avaya have helped us to gain control over our contact center to turn what was a Gtech customer service office into a modern contact center operation.

Customers now don't feel the same variations in their level of service that they get from Gtech that they used to.


>> Company vision is to become the best loved floor care brand in the world. At Gtech, we manufacture cordless products, vacuum cleaners, garden power tools, and lawnmowers. We're a British design company. We're 20 times bigger than we were 4 years ago. And that brings all kinds of issues.

Well, we need the best tools, so it's an ever-changing market. Everyone seems to selling direct these days. It's very important to us that we give the best service. Cuz if someone else is giving the better service, they'll probably go there. Gtech, we're a rapidly growing company, recognizing that they were gonna continue to grow and that they would have increased capacity and co-volumes coming through.

And at the back of that, they were looking to find a contact center solution that would both answer their short-term problems but also give them a platform to grow and expand for years to come.
>> So Avaya's amazing. It can treat everybody as a big team, and certain people'll do emails or calls.

It'll divvy up all the stuff that comes in professionally and get it in a queue. And so Avaya's awesome. I love it.
>> The Avaya solution is probably one of the best we've seen on the market. We did go out to many vendors, only my experience working with different vendors, Avaya stood out most of all with the multi-channel experience.

So we were able to deliver a better service for our team essentially.
>> We work very hard on our customer care. We're now able to handle probably ten times as many calls and touchpoints, whether it's emails, calls, other systems. So it's really helped us ramp up and match our growth.


>> The feedback's been fantastic. They've got a real good grip now of their contact center solution. The feedback from customers is fantastic. They're having a fantastic customer experience. And Gtech themselves are really embracing the technology and looking for ways that they can develop that. And we've recently been working with them to outline what that roadmap looks like going forward.


>> It's helped our customer experience because we've been able to provide much better service levels to them. So before we put in a device system to answer an email, we were setting ourselves a service level of 48 hours. Clearly, that's just not good enough. Now we are turning emails around in anything between an hour and four hours and sometimes quicker than that.


>> They're able to utilize multiple channels to get in touch with us. It makes us more available to them and easier to get in touch with us. It's the ease of which we're able to communicate with our customers on a daily basis.
>> For the end customer, it's getting to talk to the right person at the point that they want to talk to them without having to wait for a call backs.


>> Their very phrase experience is everything does resonate with us. Having experience, you're able to then be more innovative with that experience. So you're able to create and work with what you've got and make it better and always improve with the changes around.
>> For me, Avaya is quality.

They are the Rolls Royce of contact center and telephone system solutions. That's the feedback that I get from clients. There's lots of other people out there that say they can do things. But I think the reputation that Avaya's got in the market is actually of quality. And I think add to that the innovation that Avaya's bringing to the marketplace as a whole, really using the innovation to drive the market forward and deliver the very best customer experience.


>> I see us staying with Avaya as a product and a vendor. And hopefully with the changes that they make in their environment, we'll continue to grow with them.
>> I thought it would probably be four to five months to implement. But actually we were up and running in 8 to 12 weeks, so yeah, it was fantastic.


>> In every way, Avaya definitely met our expectations. The product gives us exactly what we want from it. And it's changed our business in a big way.
>> It delivered what was I hoping for, which was helping the customer service team give the best service. And that's always been top of the list.