Group Meeting Experience

According to Avaya Research, 1 in 3 employees don’t use or limit the use of their group conferencing tools due to the complexity of set-up, starting or entering. Sheila’s team does not have this problem because they use Avaya!

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Sheila and Bob are headed into the office for a big day of group meetings. Because Sheila relies on Avaya, she's not worried.
>> Hi, boss.
>> Hey, guys, how's the weather out there?
>> Sunny and cool.
>> Not so for Bob, because none of the devices and apps he uses were designed to work together.

Group meetings are always a problem.
>> Sorry I'm late.
>> Sharing information is a nightmare.
>> Steve, can you get your presentation up on the screens?
>> I'm sorry, I can't.
>> And getting outside participants involved is never easy.
>> Why aren't we seeing the consultants?
>> So meetings tend to get rescheduled a lot.


>> We're gonna have to reconnect later.
>> In Sheila's office, Avaya makes it easy for her teams to connect from anywhere. To include people outside the organization, just send them a link. There's nothing to download.
>> Okay, team, everything's in place for the launch.
>> And when you have to get going, you can take the meeting with you, along with a full set of meeting controls.


>> I'm gonna take the rest of this call on my mobile.
>> Be like Sheila, for a business communications experience that is truly unified, look to Avaya.