Get Work Done Fast

Wish there was a way to work with your team without all of them being in the same room or even region? Introducing Avaya Communicator, a platform that makes it simple to collaborate with your team. Communicator provides a way for embedding real-time communications across applications like Salesforce, Google, and Office 365 and helps you get work done fast.

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Hey, I'm Alex and we create communication solutions to make it easy for you to engage and collaborate with your team, cuz we can't all be in the same room within arm's reach like these guys. That's when we developed Avaya Communicator for Web. A way for embedding real-time communications across apps like Salesforce, Google, and Office 365.

So you can get work done fast. With Avaya Communicator for Web, I can easily connect with my team throughout my work day. Like in Google Docs. I get a view to everyone the doc's being shared with, then if they're available, I can talk to him individually or as a group simply by starting a Google Hangout or clicking to initiate a Scopia video conference.

And the same goes for anywhere in Google Apps or Google Chrome for that matter. I can bring up the extension, find any team member, and start a live voice or video call or online meeting. And my current status. That can be manually set, but when following my Google or even Outlook calendar it will automatically change to reflect my meetings.

It'll also show when I'm on the phone or in a Hangout. I also have the ability to send instant messages to my coworkers, then follow up with voice or video calls from any webpage or web app using my Avaya Softphone, even in Office 365. And when it comes to sales force, Avaya Communicator for Web will match your outgoing and incoming calls to your existing contact or lead records.

So you'll never have to scramble to remember that one time where you met that guy at that thing. Now if the caller isn't already a record in sales force, I can easily add them along with any important notes from my call, which are all added under their activity history.

It's definitely a lot better than my current situation. And whenever I need to chat over voice, no matter the plat app I'm working in, I can click this icon to place a call using my soft phone, or even desk phone. So, with real time communications embedded across your browser and in the apps you already use, finding and engaging with your teammates is quick and easy.

Maybe too easy, especially if they don't want to be found.