Faye Tylee on Empowering Women at Avaya

A LinkedIn Live Interview with Faye Tylee discussing the new women's ERG chapter at Avaya and our D&I initiatives.

>> Okay. We are live. Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever Avaya live on LinkedIn. My name is Jason Quesada and I will be your host for today's live stream. Women are statistically under-represented in the Tech industry. Beyond mentorship , there are various ways companies can invest the development of women in their organizations and advocate for their success. One of which is to create opportunities for women to share ideas and discuss important topics in a safe space. The real value of however comes when managers and Executives buy-in and support these initiatives, proving their dedication to bridging the gap, which led to the executive sponsorship and creation of the Women Inspired Network at Avaya. Joining me today to discuss the Women Inspired Network at Avaya to support women in tech is the global head of Human Resources Faye Tylee, Faye, welcome. >> Hey Jason, how are you doing? >> I'm doing well, How are you today? >> Good. Thank you. Thanks for having me. >> No problem. We're just going to dive right in this, get to it. [LAUGHTER] Can you tell me what motivated the creation of the Woman Inspired Network at Avaya. >> Yes. Sure, ultimately it was really the opportunity to create a collective voice. One that provides the opportunity for individuals across our organization to really build that sense of cross-functional networking and communication. Really, the intent of the group was to impact business outcomes, really by leveraging everybody's individual uniqueness and that perspective so that we can actually influence the Avaya brand as well as maxing and our product development life cycle. To be honest, we also wanted to establish a presence on behalf of Avaya within the industry because we know that there are continuous challenges of women in leadership in the tech industry. All of this is really underpinned by our people first strategy, one where we focus on making sure that we're empowering all of our employees to be the best that they can in their respective roles drive innovation, and ultimately create experiences that matter at Avaya. >> Great points, when given the opportunity to participate in a networking program, people are better able to move forward in their career. Great to see that happening here at Avaya. Faye you mentioned impairment. What measures have been put in place to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination within the women inspired network community. >> Sure. Actually we had a number of women in leadership groups that had been established in various different geographies across the globe. What we did was actually go and look and identify who those key leaders were, the ones that had already demonstrated that passion for leadership and work with them to establish what we refer to as our regional chapter leaders. Then use that as a framework to build our global coordination and group known as WIN at Avaya. We have the same philosophical approach to the group, but we provide that level of independence to take actions and activities that resonate for those cultures or those geographies that makes sense. It's that old adage of 'Think global act local'. We also wanted to make sure that we were leveraging other efforts that were underway in our respective organizations. What we did was integrate those efforts with our employee engagement counsels. That was also another way in which we could drive, collaboration and really enable that network to expand and grow. >> Impressive. What you're doing there certainly helps to make career development easier and more achievable. I think it also builds their network further and promotes continuous gender diversity within your organization. It's great to hear. Faye, you mentioned act local think global, what will guide those local actions and initiative to ensure a collective success as a community. >> Sure. I mean, Jason, as you know everything we do at Avaya underpinned by our cultural principles. They start with accountability, empowerment, simplicity, teamwork, and trust. These are really our guideposts. They help us establish focus on business outcomes, including diversity and inclusion so that we can actually drive collaboration and have an influence across the business. This is especially important, quite frankly, in the current climate to help break down barriers and silos and bring individuals together to have meaningful conversations and dialogue. >> [LAUGHTER] Picking up on what you just mentioned about the current climate, which we're all dealing with these days. Knowing that the committee is made up of members from around the globe. What ways would you keep in touch? >> I mean, it feels like we're always constantly communicating with each other, whether it's weekly, monthly forums, quarterly update sessions where we involve our Executives. I am the Executive sponsor for this group. But we use our own technology, Avaya spaces, which is our collaboration hub and that enables us to share information, articles, updates incite is also a way that we get to know each other. I know everybody is working remotely these days, so it's a great platform for us to share information and that's really the big emphasis there to share and to learn from each other. We use it as a way to recognize our members their contributions and achievements. We also share those successes to across Avaya with all of our colleagues and advocates and supporters of this group. Much like we're doing today, we use our social channels to share this voice externally, which we also believe is an important factor to the success of this group. >> Great and I think now more than ever over communication is key. It's, really important that even now that we're all working remotely these days, that we have the opportunity to connect anytime, anywhere and glad that we're using our technology to do that.. One last question for you Faye, and thanks again for all this great information. What women inspires you and why? >> Good question. Actually, I would say my teenage daughter, she has this incredible fervor for life. She really dreams big and applies herself in a way that makes sense to her so that she has big dreams, big aspirations, and wants them to come to fruition, as I'm sure do all parents of their children, they want them to be happy and to succeed in life, whatever that looks like. But I think what it does for me is it just reinforces why women in leadership is so important to me personally because not only is it about my experiences, but more importantly, it's about our future generations. Having a teenage daughter provides me with inspiration and insight into how we can create those opportunities for the future so I would say my daughter. >> Okay. [LAUGHTER] Great answer. Faye I think that's all the questions I have for you today. Thank you so much for your time today to discuss this great initiative that you're leading here at Avaya. Thank you so much for your time. >> Likewise, Thanks Jason. >> Great. Well, thanks again everyone for joining us today. For more information about the Women Inspired Network at Avaya, please read phase blog posts @avaya.com4/blogs. Thanks again, and we'll see you next time here on LinkedIn live. Thanks again and have a great day.