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Experience Is Everything

Welcome to Avaya ENGAGE Las Vegas 2017.  View Jim Chirico, COO and Global Sales Leader, keynote to learn more about how Avaya is transforming the customer experience.

>> Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Jim Chirico, chief operating officer and head of sales Avaya.


>> Thank you, thank you. Good morning. Everybody hear me okay? All right, thank you for being here. First before I get started I think I owe you all a big congratulations. I would have never thought 8 AM Monday morning that this many people would be in attendance.

So thank you for getting up early and joining us this morning. I walked around the casino last night. It looked as though the night might have been getting away from a couple of you, but I guess not, cuz you're all here. So a lot of people were having a lot of fun.

And I had a little bit of fun myself, but it is nice to see you, it is nice to be here. And again, thank you very much for attending. So, you know, Michael Jackson shows start off with a lot of energy, there was a lot of energy last night, a lot of enthusiasm.

I had an opportunity to walk around the pool, got an opportunity to meet many of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Avaya. Thank you very much for your committment, thanks for the support. And we are gonna continue to build on that as we move through the balance of the week and more importantly I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you better as the week moves on, so thank you.

So a couple of things. First of all as I take a look back and sort of reflect back on our journey and what we are doing around the overall customer, how the customer is at the forefront of everything we do. There's really three key ingredients, if you will, to providing a key customer experience.

First, that's putting the customer at the center and at the core of everything we do, and that's what we're focused on. Whether it's through our innovation, whether it's through our products, whether it's through our solutions. Our customer's at the core of everything we do. Secondly, as I mentioned briefly, innovation.

We are continuing to invest, we are continuing to innovate, we're continuing to bring world class products to the marketplace. And those solutions, be it Oceania, Equinox, you'll hear about some new fabric networking solutions, and many, many more this week. So, what we need you to do is continue to bring those new products to life, and continue to implement world class applications and solutions that we are providing.

And you'll hear more about that this week from Gary, Mark and others. The third key ingredient, if you will, to a customer experience is really about teaming and teaming is everything that we are centered around and focused on. Great teams always find a way to win, no matter what the situation is.

So I was watching one of the finance networks this morning and they had Robert Craft being interviewed. For those of you who don't know who Robert Craft is, and for some people from New England, I say, Robert Craft is the owner of the New England Patriots. I won't provide you with a lot of sports analogies.

New England Patriots recently won a huge event in the United States called the Super Bowl. That's our American football. At the end of the third quarter, right near the end of the third quarter, they were losing by a score 28 to 3. So improbable odds, to come back and win.

In fact as you pointed out the odds were 96% against that. But I don't know any of you that watch football or any that follow it, somewhere in the back of your mind you thought the Patriots had a chance to come back and win. You knew the game was not over.

The reason being is they were a winning team. They were a successful organization. They had the ecosystem. They had the ingredients. They had to drive determination, more importantly the teamwork to get it done. And at the end of the day long story short, they actually did win. They made a miraculous comeback, actually won the Super Bowl.

Will go down probably for hundreds of years as the greatest comeback in NFL football. The point there is great teams win. I've been at Avaya, I don't know many of you, but I've been here for nine years, mostly running the operational functions within the company. And most recently over the last six months I've had the opportunity to also get involved and help lead the sales organization.

I can tell you that this organization is an organization that's committed to winning. This is an organization that knows how to win. This is an organization that knows how to team. And collectively, with all of you in the room, I'm more confident than ever that we will come back, we will be a winning organization, and we will grow.

And we will continue to invest and innovate and drive new products to the marketplace. So I'm more excited than I've ever been in nine years and hopefully you are as well. And we'll get that opportunity this week to demonstrate some of those new solutions and capabilities that we will be bringing to market.

Let me move on and talk a little bit about how important it is for us to talk about what we're doing as a valued strategic partner. You can see the quote on the top of the screen. Obviously we hear that from many of our customers, many of our clients we do bring strategic value and we try to bring that to the marketplace each and every day.

One of the things that we're committed to, we're committed to your success and we will continue to be committed as we move forward. The clicker is not moving. Okay, got it, thank you. Customers, as I said, are at the center of everything we do. I'm an ops guys, I've been an ops guy for over 30 years in the business.

Just by way of background, I spent a number of years at IBM, and a number of years at Seagate, so we try to keep things kind of simple in the world of operations. So, we try to do three things, and frankly we're bringing those three things to the sales organization as we speak.

Number one is we need to listen, we need to listen every day, we need to make sure that we understand what's important to you. We need to make sure that we stay engaged with our customer base and we do this day in and day out. So listening is extremely important.

Acting is also important. We need to be responsive. We need to exceed your expectations. We need to act on what you need, and we need to act with a greater sense of urgency than we've ever had before. And the third one, frankly, is we need to make sure that we simplify.

We've been at simplification for awhile. I still hear Avaya's pretty hard to deal with. I still hear how it's difficult to move things through the system. I will tell you that we began that framework, we're continuing to build on that framework. And one of the opportunities with having the operational group as well as the sales group is the opportunity now to drive that through the system.

We're working on that. I think in 2017 you'll finally see a number of improvements and simplification in our business processes, and frankly an ease to do business with when Avaya. I'm excited about what we have on our roadmap. I'm excited to see what we're deploying and implementing in the company, and it should make your lives easier.

The only thing that we are is committed to your success, and we will do everything required in order to make sure that we achieve that. So, winning combination, three key ingredients, if you will, to a winning combination. My wife and I, we, it's a bit of an analogy, but we own a restaurant.

I say my wife and I actually, she runs it maybe 99.9% of the time. I just show up on weekends and cause a little bit of chaos, and she can't wait to see me leave on Monday morning to go back to work. But, we've had the restaurant for 12 years, and the restaurant business is pretty difficult.

People have a choice, obviously, of where they want to go eat. And we have one model that we live by, one goal. And that's to provide the ultimate customer experience. We do it hundreds of times a day. People come in and out about once an hour. It's really hard, but we thrive ourselves on number one, building a customer experience.

Cuz people have an opportunity and a choice on where they elect to go eat. As much as the food, it's also about the experience. We all know when we go to restaurants the food may be excellent, but if the experience isn't? More than likely you won't come back.

It's very simple here. These same three winning combinations apply in business as they do to a small little restaurant in Southport, North Carolina and that is the fact that you need to innovate. An innovation is key. We innovated, we have a world class POS system. We have world class kitchen equipment.

We have world class operational focuses within the restaurant. That provides an advantage over most of the restaurants we have in town. People know that we have that technology and that technology helps to serve our customers better. Secondly around enabling, if you will, the digital journey. We don't really have a digital journey in a seafood restaurant, but what we do have is the fact that the ecosystem needs to make sure it's clicking on all eight cylinders.

We're only as good as to make sure we have the containers for the to-go boxes. Imagine coming to a restaurant and not being able to take your food home. We're only as good as making sure that we have the right proper dry goods. So the right good ingredients made for our customers.

So that end-to-end ecosystem, the ability to have anything at any time, really translates quite well in to the overall restaurant business. And last but not least, we need to make sure that we are delivering a transformational business value. We need to differentiate, you differentiate by innovation, you differentiate by being better in your competition, and that's frankly what we're doing within Avaya.

We're delivering flexible, scalable, and the agility to meet your business needs each and every day. We're increasing your productivity, we're reducing your cost. And hopefully we're providing the exceptional experiences and the outcomes that you desire. Very analogous to the restaurant business. We do that each day, day in and day out, at a small restaurant in North Carolina, as much as we do here at Avaya and deliver the ultimate solutions so everyone can have a winning combination.

So, the strength of our experience, I won't get into a lot of this. But the fact of the matter is the company is as strong, we have a very strong business model. You can see up at the top we have tremendous net promoter scores. We have customer allegiances, commitments.

I heard that last night from all of you, all that I spoke with, your desire, your need, and your commitment to Avaya. We are spending significant amount of dollars on our R&D. You'll see that from Gary and Mark, Gary later on this morning. So we have a very strong business model.

We will continue to improve the business model as we go through time. But this strong business model will position us for to be stronger, even be stronger tomorrow than we are today. So what may I ask of you. First, number one you're gonna have an opportunity to display and see a number of our new technologies.

Please go to the expos and please take advantage of the opportunity to see those first-hand. Granted we have a number of challenges, but we look at those as opportunities within the company. We're excited to where we're headed, we're excited the opportunity to share that with you this week.

We have a number of keynotes this morning. Kevin will be up here, Kevin will kick it off, Kevin will show you how and why Avaya's positioned for success. As we continue the transformation, Gary will be on stage with a number of partners showcasing the power of UCC and cloud with Avaya Breeze, Oceania Equinox and more.

Mark will be up later in the week to take you through what we're doing from a networking perspective in securing the networks and the platforms. The age of the Internet of Things, smart environments, new digital world, etc. So the experience is everything. The opportunity for you is to experience it this week, and I know that you will and I know that you'll be excited and as excited as we are.

So, please, again, take time to visit the expo areas. Please take time to get hands on experiences with the solutions. Take advantage of the time we have in networking and sharing experiences. Last night was great for me, and I'm sure it was great for all of you as well.

We're excited that you're here. We look forward to meeting you and many more of these events in the days, and months to come. And last but not least, I really wanna thank you. I want to thank you for your loyalty. I wanna thank you for your support, and more importantly, I want to thank you for your business.

Thank you very much.

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