Equinox with O365

This brief video demonstrates the power of Avaya Equinox for web, used in conjunction with O365.

>> Now let's start off with Office 365. Tell me about that integration and what makes it exciting.
>> Absolutely. So the first thing we've done is we made it very easy just to extend your communications directly in the browser and any application. So Office 365 is a very important application, because as our customers move those business apps to the browser, then obviously they need access to their productivity tools in their email.

So we can do that today. We can light up the full Office 365 environment with all of your communications, your collaboration capabilities. And it's actually pretty cool. But let's show the demo. So here we are inside of Office 365. No more Outlook required. I can access this anywhere on the Internet.

And of course, over here I can have quick access to my Avaya Equinox for Web. I have full access to my contacts, voice, video, all WebRTC-enabled. I also have access to my chat presence, and so on and so forth. And that's all integrated into the experience. I can go over into the Calendar.

And from in here I can schedule meetings, I can add Equinox information to my meeting invites. And of course on the other side, when a guest gets that meeting invite, they have a very nice welcoming home page, very elegant. They just have to put their name in, and click Join.

Of course, once they join the meeting, full WebRTC, no plugins, just runs in the browser. Currently works on Chrome. Safari just announced support for WebRTC. Edge is on its way. We're gonna live in a plugin-less world, hallelujah.