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Enabling Smart Vertical Solutions in a Smart Digital World Video

Jean Turgeon follows up his initial video with a more in depth look at how the impact of digital transformation, the Internet of Things and Smart applications and devices are driving more specific, and complex, needs within industries than ever before. Avaya offers a Smart framework for Smart vertical solutions, based on a secure and automated foundation, combined with the agility of the Avaya BreezeTM platform. All this to address vertical-specific opportunities and challenges, and enable Digital Transformation at the speed of business needs.

>> Hello, I'm Jean Turgeon, but most people know me under JT. I'm the vice president and chief technologist for software defined architecture at Avaya. Its a pleasure for me to take a few minutes to talk to you about what Avaya's done to help customer transform their business towards the digital enterprise and execute and deliver solutions today, leveraging our innovative technology introductions that we've done over the last few years.

Let me start with some of the trends that are happening in the market place today. We're all seeing the digitization of various verticals, being into healthcare, right, being at the bank, being in hospital, or even in public safety environments. The digitization is a reality in the marketplace and therefore Avaya had to transform it's capabilities, and it's solutions to be able to align perfectly with business priorities, and those business things out there to help customer execute and deliver on the digitization of their enterprises.

So what have we done about it? Well, we've introduced this concept of a smart digital world. The market that's talking about smart cities. Talking about smart vertical solutions. But the key is for Avaya to deliver a framework that customers can relate to, and really be able to apply our technology, perfectly aligning with their business priorities, and it'll transform the customer experience that they will be delivering to whomever they are servicing, being consumers of their services or maybe citizens within the government sector.

The three building blocks are smart government, smart enterprises where Avaya's verticalized it's messaging to be perfectly aligned, and increase our relevancy as we discuss and talk with customers about our technology innovation, and how we can apply it to our business. And last but not least, of course, the smart consumers.

We have to be able to consume smart applications over any type of devices, smart tablets, smart devices, but also integrate the Internet of Things, no sensors technology in oil and gas utility. Could be medical devices in the health care industry. So we have to be able to bring all of those three building blocks under our framework known as the smart digital world.

But first, in order to be able to execute and make this a reality now, we have to deliver two major innovation and not from a technology point of view. The first one being the transformation of the networking industry. Where Avaya has completed transformed and eliminated all of the legacy and downfall or limitations that we've had.

We've simplified the architecture, and we've successfully delivered a unique value proposition, end to end, from the data center, across the wan, across the campus, and where ever the services are being consumed by whomever you're servicing, delivering a secure and automated infrastructure puts Avaya in the very unique value proposition when it comes to the networking industry.

We have disrupted through an innovative technology something that makes Avaya completely unique, but that's one piece. The second piece of the puzzle is about Avaya Breeze. Delivering business work flow automation capabilities that can be fully customized and triggered by any event that may occur right within your business.

Now, events could be a security driven event where you've just detected a license plate coming into your parking lot that, unfortunately, the police have been looking for. That event will trigger a work flow. And the workflow can be customized and alert the police, alert the security guard, all right.

And do whatever your business really wants, and it comes down to letting your imagination go as to what you want this outcome to be. But what’s not really differentiated is the fact that we now have the ability to create a workflow that also can dynamically extend services across the network or create brand new network secure zones without the intervention of IT, because Avaya has now delivered a secure and automated N to N network infrastructure.

The marriage of Avaya breeze and Avaya as the Nfx form an innovation network infrastructure, puts Avia in a very unique position in the market place. There are no other competitors that can deliver what Avaya can deliver today. Let me use smart education as a used case in the solution that Avaya's brought to market.

Well smart education could be around again the unfortunate situation that we see in some of the schools. Where imagine the ability to be able to do a complete school lock down right from your mobile device. So you push one button, and you could alert for a paging system, or lock all of the doors that you want to lock, enable a stroll light to flash depending again the situation that is currently occurring.

But in all it's not just about emergency and crisis situations, I know that we can benefit the technology from. It could be that you wanna transform the experience in the classroom. What if we were able to detect the presence of a professor coming into the classroom and prevent the kids from looking at YouTube videos, while the professor is lecturing.

Or, even more positive, right, look at creating a community of interest. It's great to talk to the students and the professor, but what about the parents? How could we bring a community of interest and build a completely different experience for the professor, and easily notify them on their mobile devices of an award ceremony that is happening, an alumni event that is occurring.

Maybe a sports event that is happening on the weekend. All of these can be fully customized, it's limitless, right. We truly stand by our claims make this outcome what you believe the customer experience should be. Let your imagination go as to what and how you want that experience to be for whomever you're service.

This is again a great and no differentiation and puts Avaya in a very unique position in the market place. The call to action is really again an opportunity for you to come and maybe and visit us in one of our executive briefing center to hear more information about our innovative technology and solutions that are perfectly now aligned with your business needs, and again, deliver at a much faster pace than what your competition can do.

So, I invite you to come and see us. Give us an opportunity to earn your business. And again, if you want more information, please go and visit avaya.com. Thank you very much, and we look forward to a long, strategic partnership with your business.

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