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Elevate Your Customer Experience with Avaya

Elevating your customer experience isn't something that happens overnight. It's a 5 step process that starts with strategy, goal setting and creating a customer experience charter for how you want to tailor your customer journey.

Watch this video and learn how Avaya can help you take a systematic approach to elevate your Customer Experience.

>> Price, product and customer experience. Three very important factors in how you stand out as a business. But according to leading analysts, customer experience is overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator. So what does this mean for you? How does your company improve your customer experience?

How will your business stand out? I have a few ideas. Elevating your customer experience isn't something that happens overnight, it's a five-step process that starts with strategy. It starts with setting goals and creating a customer experience charter for how you want to tailor your customer journey. Next it's time to look at a partner like Avaya.

Who can support the process with an integrated customer engagement platform. Avaya Solutions enable your customers to interact with you from any device, phone, web, or mobile. And will automatically connect each interaction to the most qualified agent, based on your team's expertise and past experience with a particular inquiry or customer.

Each interaction impacts your customer experience, and the perception of your brand. It also provides crucial engagement data, that can be collected and used to improve service processes, and your overall customer experience. By connecting your contact center to Workforce Optimization, live customer interactions can be recorded, monitored, and evaluated.

To generate new insights into the experience you're creating for your customers. Whether it's voice, email, web chat, or any other channel, these insights will help you measure and improve agent performance. With Avaya, you can evaluate customer journey from start to finish using historical reporting. Or monitor real time interactions to ensure everyone in your organization is fulfilling the customer experience charter.


Improving customer experience is vital for your business, but it's also a process that takes time and commitment across your organization. It requires strategy, engaging with customers, and then continuously training, tweaking and improving based on those customer engagement insights. By using a customer engagement platform that automatically directs customer interaction to the right resources at the right time, and records every step of the experience.

You'll have the data needed to optimize agent utilization, and make the right changes in your service processes to create a better customer experience. Elevate your customer experience with Avaya.

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