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East Brunswick Public Schools Case Study Video

East Brunswick Public Schools (EBPS), located in central New Jersey, has a strong reputation in the state for leadership in education, evidenced by Blue Ribbon awards granted by the US Department of Education (USDE) for each of its 11 schools. Blue Ribbon status recognizes schools for high performance and/or significant improvements in performance overall, as determined by the USDE.

Serving some 8,500 students, EBPS strives to excel not only in academics, but also in its use of educational technology. EBPS implemented a high-performance Wide Area Network (WAN) to interconnect all district buildings and enable delivery of a high quality educational experience to its students.

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East Brunswick Public Schools is comprised of 11 blue ribbon schools. We're the only school district in the state of New Jersey that can make that claim. Our primary mission is to prepare our students for the 21st century.
>> In order to be able to grow as learners, students inevitably need and depend upon technology for that growth.

It's a tool for their instruction to enhance their learning, and it's a day-to-day requirement.
>> It was a joint decision on the part of the administration of the school, the Board of Ed., and many of our faculty, who are intimately involved in technology that proceeding with Avaya for products that we need in order to sustain our technology and provide us with a 21st century technology program that our kids would benefit from was in our interest.


>> When you partner with somebody who has a reputation of Avaya and who provides the support that districts need, you're buying not just the equipment, you're buying the partnership.
>> The network here consists of 13 buildings, all connected, wide area network with single mode fiber. Prior to the upgrade, there was a lot of latency across the network, we had several protocols that were running.

The big challenge was to pare all that down to one protocol and allow a better performing network.
>> We implemented Avaya's fabric solution, which is also known as shortest path bridging, or SPB.
>> Some of the technologies we have running across our network are centric around video surveillance, IP phones, as well as data storage.

The Avaya fabric has allowed us to streamline that process, to allow data to communicate faster and quicker and more efficiently. The feedback we've gotten since our upgrade has been phenomenal. People have congratulated us on providing a lot more stability across the network. There's been notice in login speed times, connectivity to our server farm has increased.

Site-to-site streaming video has increased. Anybody that was deciding whether to go with Avaya for a fabric solution, I would tell them that it's a great upgrade. It really provides them a lot of stability, and it also helps them implement services faster.
>> The role of a school district is to provide the best quality education in the safest environment possible.

Since we really know that technology is intimately involved in that piece, working with companies like Avaya become a critical decision point because it's going to provide them with the ability to do exactly what they're charged with doing, and that is to provide the best education.
>> And that's so important because we're engaged in the process of educating students.

And technology has become a critical component. Avaya has been great and not only in the equipment that they provide for us, but the support they provide behind the scenes to make sure that it's integrated and properly configured for our district.

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