Dubai Roads and Transport Case Study

As one of the fastest cities in the world, Dubai needs to put a large emphasis on transportation infrastructure. The RTA and Avaya have partnered to form a next-generation contact center that is highly available to handle increasing call volumes, enables agents to manage calls efficiently, and offers superior service to Dubai residents.

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Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in today's world. Making the provision of high quality infrastructure facilities and improving roads across the Emirate to make travel safer and smoother absolutely imperative. Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority provides an effective and integrated transport system capable of achieving Dubai's vision.


>> Part of the advanced RTA goal is to use technology to serve our region to make sure that we can provide a safer and smoother transport for all.
>> With such a critical component of the city life to take care of, it was vital for the department to build a robust communications network.


>> For that, we really require to rely on a state of the art network because at the end of the day, all the traffic systems that we provide relies on integration. Without it, we cannot have these connectivities.
>> A new and constantly expanding organization, the RTA needed to think ahead.

The RTA chose Avaya to connect its extended branches, offices, and locations across the UAE with a highly resilient, scalable, and reliable data network. Considering the size and scope of its operations, the RTA is busy with calls from the public for its various services information. In order to field these calls, the RTA has partnered with Avaya to design and implement next generation contact centers that are highly available to handle increasing call volumes, enable agents to manage calls efficiently, and to offer superior service to Dubai residents.