Delivering Tomorrow’s Customer Experience Today

Customers often use social media as an outlet for venting their frustrations with a company or product. The Avaya Customer Experience Management Portfolio enables organizations to engage with customers by using the right media, at the right time, and with actionable insight.

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Joe's on his iPhone reviewing his account. He's frustrated with the fees and begins Tweeting. Joe's Tweet reaches the bank via Social Media Manager previously established business rules take effect. If the message is routed to the security team, public relations, and to the contact center team for appropriate action.

The bank posts a blog to address the issue. While a manager posts a message to ensure the bank fee doesn't turn into a disastrous customer satisfaction issue. A script's provided to the contact center agents, so it can be addressed in real time. Joe's message is also routed to a financial advisor.

He's provided a history of Joe's account, along with potential cross-selling opportunities, so he's well prepared if a call comes in. The advisor replies to Joe, explaining the new charge, and provides a link for Joe to contact him directly. The next day, Joe checks his statement on his iPad from the mobile app.

He has questions about his recent statement. He's able to quickly indicate which charge he wants to dispute. Joe selects Click to Call. [SOUND]
>> Hi Joe, thank you for calling Gelson Witte. Would you like to review your balance today?
>> The Avaya solution's able to easily and securely recognize Joe, without him requiring him to answer multiple questions.

It can also predict his inquiry based on the history of his activity. While Joe's reviewing his account balance, the Avaya solution orchestrates the resources to execute the bank's strategy for him. The appropriate financial advisor is located. Although the advisor is on another call he set an instant message informing him that just reviewing his balance.

The message estimates the completion time of Joe's transaction and asks if if you'd like to speak with them. The advisor elects to speak with Joe immediately at the end of the call, Joe heres a personalized message alerting him that he's eligible for some private banking services. He's given an option to transfer to a financial advisor to discuss.

He indicates he's interested.
>> Hello Joe, this is Dan Jones, your financial advisor at Gelson Witte. Looks like you're eligible for our private banking services. Clients in this program get personalized information on investment opportunities and access to a personal financial planner. Let's take a quick look at what you can gain from the program.

Why don't you click on the One Touch icon on the email I just sent you so we can both take a look at your current balance? It looks like you have sustained a high balance but you're getting minimal interest.
>> After some discussion and review Joe has a question about one of the newer specialty investments.


>> Let's pull in one of our financial advisors from our specialty group to get you an expert answer on this. The advisor uses intelligent presence and sees that Sam, one of the financial advisors who specialises in this type of investment is available. Sam's added to the video session and online with the customer in seconds.

The video collaboration enables the bank and Joe to quickly identify the right investment path. Joe decides to go ahead with the new investment account and wants to commence his application right away. Sam sends Joe an instant message containing the link to the relevant application form, and suggests they complete the form together in Avaya Live Engage, because Joe's logged into the bank system.

When the form opens, it's pre-populated with some of the relevant data. Sam stays online with Joe to help complete the transaction. The result, a happy customer and more business for the bank. Avaya's customer experience management portfolio enables organizations to engage with customers with the right media, providing the right insight into their preferences, requirements, and value.

In so doing, this allows them to engage the right resources, processes, and information. So they can deliver customer service that is unique, personalized, and enduring. This is made possible through Avaya's unique approach to customer experience management, which focuses on awareness of all relevant context for a specific customer at any time, and connecting all the interactions with a customer together regardless of the media into a seamless, persistent conversation.

This helps the bank easily turn a potentially uncomfortable interaction into a profitable cross selling opportunity and a better served costumer. Please work with you AVAYA account team to implement these types of solutions and services for your company Avaya. Delivering tomorrow's customer experience, today.