Delivering the Ultimate Fan Experience

See how Avaya and Kroenke Sports and Entertainment are changing the game by delivering extraordinary fan experiences. From WiFi to interactive fan engagement walls, the Pepsi Center is one of the most innovative communications experiences for fans, and a reliable and more secure networking environment for its owners.

When somebody wakes up, they're buying tickets online. Then it moves into the experience inside the building where everything is WiFi enabled. And then when you're leaving, we have the capability of sending a message of thank you for coming to Pepsi Center. It's that wake to sleep mentality that we've learned from Avaya that has really has encouraged us in terms of creating a fan experience like no other.


>> Kroenke Sports and Entertainment is a sports and entertainment company in Denver, Colorado. We have several assets consisting of pro teams, entertainment venues, as well as broadcast companies.
>> The four sports teams here in Denver include the Colorado Avalanche, the Colorado Mammoth, the Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Rapids.


>> Today's fans are very different than ten years ago.
>> The ticket buyer is now a lot younger, a lot more technology advanced.
>> We were really looking to replace all of our aging network infrastructures.
>> We wanna create an experience that you can't get anywhere else. Part of that is being able to be connected like you would be in your living room at home.

Our relationship with Avaya started about three years ago. And it was really about who would be the best to partner with on creating a solution that could fit, no matter who the fan was that was coming to our building.
>> Obviously, having a robust WiFi network is one of the important ways that our fans communicate with us.

Now we can connect fans more easily and we can connect to our fans more readily.
>> We've now created an experience with the fan engagement wall where it is amalgamating all of the different social feeds that are coming in during a game, so that fans can see their own messages coming through


>> Elasticity is this an important concept. We do changes regularly and we need to expand our network to the operations we have. I'm not limited to the physical environment that I have right now. I can put it out temporarily and then I can bring it back and I'm not creating a hole or leaving a hole when I'm done.


>> One of the core tenets of what we were trying to achieve is beyond just the experience that you're having when you're here inside the venue, but also the research on the back end.
>> We'll be able to track who gets on the WiFi, who interacts with Pepsi Vision.

We'll be able to see who transfers their tickets.
>> Additionally, we can communicate that to our sponsors so that they can interact more successfully with the fans in our environment as well. One of the reasons that we've chosen Avaya is for their attention to detail around security. We do need to secure the perimeter of our business.

When you're connecting both public and private operations, you need to be able to segment those appropriately and contain your traffic. Hyper-segmentation is obviously an important concept. Even individual connections can be segmented to themselves, and so anybody connected to our network isn't a threat to anybody else on our network.

Avaya has the necessary enhancements to make that easier for us.
>> Within the first 12 months, we've been able to derive 6-figure types of new revenue, and we think that that's only gonna continue to increase as we start to learn more and more about the system's capabilities. The next step for us is continuing to push the boundaries of experience.


>> We believe in Avaya. We believe that they have forward looking products that understand what business is trying to do.
>> They obviously are well advanced in their area. They know what they're talking about.
>> We're gonna continue to push the boundaries, and Avaya is gonna be a big part of that.