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Cycas Hospitality Case Study Video

These two hotels opened just before the Olympics and were 100% full for four and a half to five months. So how did Cycas Hospitality meet the needs of their modern guests? Avaya technology has enhanced the hotel guest experience by integrating hotel management system, connecting using communications technology, innovating room access to Apple TV, and connecting guest uses into hotel systems.

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I'm here at the Staybridge Suites in Stratford City, which is part of two hotel complex, the Staybridge Suites and the Holiday Inn. And we opened these two hotels just before the Olympics, we were the host for IHG at our Holiday Inn headquarters hotel that, for IHG, for the games, and we had a contingent of IOC guests.

They took up the majority of our rooms for the whole of the Olympic games. We opened, quite literally, the day we opened we were 100% full. And we stayed virtually full for the first four and a half, five months that we are open. Because we were such a high visibility hotel, we knew that we have to be perfect from the check ins to the food and beverage.

To the cleanliness and of course, to the technology and how it worked. The nature of hotel guests, the nature of life in general has changed. The need to connect at home, to connect to home through all the different devices the traveler comes equipped with. From the laptops to the ipads, to the Phones, the hotel can no longer be satisfied with just a dumb phone in their room.

You need to provide the full range of the technology and the ability to connect. And the systems that we put in the hotel are all designed to be, as best we can, state of the art.


One of the things that we've taken great advantage of as our employees are out and about around the hotel. Through the IP phone system we have they can stay connected even if they're not at their desk. We worked with or Local supplier called QDOS recommend Avaya to us.

We've been very happy with both QDOS and Avaya. They've given us the ability to enhance the guest experience with the high speed internet connection, and the phone technology in the hotel, the property management systems through the hotel, the guest functions. Connected through the phone system into the property management system.

And then what they've put into the hotel has allowed us to do something a little bit innovative, in that all of our rooms in the Staybridge are all Apple TV equipped. Criteria number 1 we had to meet the IHG standards. Number 2, it had to be installed on time and had to work out-of-the-box if you will, and then the third criteria was when the inevitable happened and there was a hiccup We knew that there was somebody there that we could call and would give us that prompt, thorough response and the combination of QDOS and Avaya has given us exactly that.

The word that describes top of the line absolutely, without question, is professional. Between QDOS and Avaya The installation, the setup, the design, and now the follow-up from them as a technology supplier is accommodating and cooperative.

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