CS1000 Loyalty2gether

The CS1000 has operated incredibly well over the years, but technology has advanced, and legacy solutions should be replaced. See how to get our best deal ever to increase business, enhance productivity, and enable communication with your customers and employees in the ways they want.

>> You probably haven't had to think much about your business phone system lately, it just works, right? Well, we've identified your organization as one that likely has used a Nortel or Avaya communication server 1000 phone system. You may even still be using it. It's not always apparent from the physical handsets.


This CS 1000 system has operated incredibly well over the years, but a change has occurred, creating a situation where it should be updated.


Thankfully, Avaya has a much better communications system for your business. An upgrade that's ready to be implemented, without much disruption at all. A system that will work even better for your organization. And talk about timing, Avaya has just announced some extraordinary attractive offers for phones, licenses, tools, and services that you really should look at today.

It's important not to delay. Contact your Avaya partner or Avaya right away to make sure this upgrade is tailored to your business needs and schedule it soon.