COVID and Employee Safety: Be Prepared Today as Doors Open Tomorrow

In a world where employees begin to return to work and pandemic risks remain high, many business owners are struggling to abide by rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19—especially around contact tracing and communication. With Avaya OneCloud™ and Konexios, combined with IoT technology, businesses can easily automate and optimize processes centered around employees returning to work in person.

>> [MUSIC] As people around the world return to work, employees safety remains a top concern, especially, in high density locations. A single employee that tests positive, has the potential to close an entire facility, which is why new laws are in the works requiring that businesses notify their employees of any exposure. At Avaya, we've focused on helping our customers respond well to this situation. Avaya OneCloud is an AI powered experience platform that allows your business to compose and deliver new employee experiences when they are needed, like abiding by new rules around COVID-19, contact tracing and notification. Developers in the Avaya Experience Builders program can take the composable building blocks in Avaya OneCloud to add calling, messaging and dozens of other communications capabilities, to virtually, any application. Avaya Experience Builders partner Konexios is using Avaya OneCloud combined with IoT technology to automate and optimize processes centered around employees returning to work in person. Combining Avaya OneCloud composable building blocks with smart badges, enables the tracking of employees while they are working. If an employee test positive, a list of that person's direct contact is autogenerated and contexts are notified on a designated communications channel tailored to each situation. In the past, adding this type of capability to a business application would take weeks or months but with a Avaya OneCloud, it can take as little as a few hours. Contact, avaya.com/OneCloud for more information today and be prepared as you open your doors tomorrow.