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Avaya TV

Cops and Robbers IoT Demonstration

The video shows a thrilling slot car police chase scene, simulating the origination of an eCall as a result of an accident during the pursuit. The demo illustrates how Avaya makes IoT data actionable, providing a fast response by adding relevant situational context, helping to drive faster decisions and coordination of the necessary steps in emergency situations.

Internet of Things provides a starting point for workflows that add value to the processes. Avaya enables the Internet of Things ecosystem with workflow automation, to provide seamless and contextual connections between machines, humans and Line of Business applications, resulting in better outcomes and experiences.

>> Hi, my name is Thomas Roemer from Avaya. And I'd like to showcase you today the power of Avaya workflow automation and process orchestration in a Anova IoT ecosystem for smart communication solutions. So the theme I'm going to show you today is actually a slot car race. We have a police car prepared with IoT sensor and we want to actually monitor him on his hot pursuit.

Let me introduce Valerie. She did a robbery and I'm the police offering hunting her on the race track. So let me see how this turns out. [SOUND] We have seen the police car had a crash and the police officer might be in a very difficult situation. And this immediately triggers an automated work flow for immediate reaction.


>> This is an automated collision report notification. We are connecting you with a live agent.
>> So in this small automated workflow, we have seen that the officer is immediately brought together with the emergency service or a police department. And even the police officer cannot respond. Notification message per SMS is sent to him that help is on the way.

The things in the little demo should showcase you the power of a Avaya workflow automation and how Avaya enable seamless and contextual connections between machines, humans, and line of business applications. And how Avaya makes IoT data actionable to our listed result of business problems for our customers.
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