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Context Store Video

Avaya context store is a fast reliable centralized solution for sharing vital contextual information easily with every application in a solution. The context store tracks every step of a customer’s journey so the customer never needs to repeat any information they already presented.

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Hi there. My name is Siobhan Dervin, and I'm a engineer with Avaya's Research and Developement Lab in Galloway. I, like many of my colleagues, am a graduate of the National University in Ireland and Galloway. And I'm very lucky to be living in this small city with its thriving IT community.

Since joining Avaya a few years ago, I've worked on several of the components of Avaya's next generation Omnichannel Solution and I'm currently the team lead on Avaya Context Store. So Context Store is a scalable centralized solution for storing valuable contextual information in a context center. It's basically an in memory data bridge for storing that data.

It's fault tolerant and resilient, but it's much more than that, with a plethora of interfaces for connecting into Context Store. Soap rest interfaces, Java and JavaScript SDKs, screenpops and plugins for Avaya Engagement Designer and Avaya Experience Portal. In addition to your interfaces working with the data, we also have a lot of output data to really make the most of your valuable information.

You can persist your information to an external database, where you track customer journey through all the trails of context data. We have notification mechanisms for outputting data, as well as a rules engine. We can trigger actions such as workflows in Avaya Engagement Designer. So we just talked through a simple use case of Context Store.

So I, the customer, I'm online, I'm on my, say, my phone website and I'm trying to buy a phone upgrade. But uh-oh, my website has crashed just as I'm about to complete the transaction. So I call into the contact center which is powered by Avaya Omnichannel Solution. I dial in and I'm asked for my ID and immediately it recognizes who I am.

And I'm asked, would you like to speak to an agent about your phone upgrade? The information in Context Store is fed into a routing engine and it actually sends it through to an agent who is best suited to serve your needs. Immediately the agent will sort out your issue and your problem is resolved quickly.

The agent sees a screen pop up of all details, so there's no repetition of questions, or having to resubmit details. Customer is happy, they get their phone upgrade, and the solution is complete. In summary, Avaya Context Store is a fast, reliable, centralized solution for sharing vital contextual information easily with every application in a solution.

The ever improving audit trail functionality tracks every step of a customer's journey and presents this invaluable information to the handling agent. Using Avaya Context Store, customers need never repeat any information they've already provided. And this efficient personalized service leads to greater satisfaction and happy customers.
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