Context Store Snap-in Overview

Today’s consumers expect service on their terms, wherever they may be, whichever device they are using. Service that is convenient, personal and consistently striving to go to the next level. Learn how Avaya Context Store can help improve real-time engagement and collaboration by making it easier to track, collect, and share relevant real-time data across interactions.

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Today's consumers expect service on their terms, wherever they may be, on whichever device they're using. Service that's convenient, personal and consistently striving to go to the next level, unfortunately, many times just the opposite occurs. Across all different touch points and devices, service is inconsistent and uncoordinated. Customers are forced to constantly reintroduce themselves, and the support they receive is generic and often not relevant.

That's typically because each touch point operates on its own. The people, processes, and data operate in silos. Information isn't easy to share. The support customers receive is out of sync. You need to get your data, people, and systems working together. The way to do that is Avaya Contact Store and Avaya Breeze.


Avaya context store enables you to consolidate data across conversations, interactions, transactions. It pulls in information from relevant systems, and makes it all instantly available for every engagement. The right information gets shared with the right services and the right people at the right time on the right device. A customer has just purchased a major appliance and believes a part is missing.

She logs onto the manufacturer's customer support site and browses the FAQs for her model. She texts a picture, she calls customer service, enters her account number, and indicates that she is having a problem with her recent purchase context store assembles information from across the different touchpoints. The browsing history, the texts, the IVR interaction and also pulls up trouble reports that includes references to missing parts, and forwards it all to an agent, who is now ready to speak to the needs this customer.

The problem gets resolved. The engagement is smart and personal. The service makes a lasting impression. Contact Store can support hundreds of thousands of real time team and customer interactions per hour, simplifying service for existing customers, making suggestions that anticipate needs. Capturing real-time data for customer experience analytics and business reporting, resulting in smarter engagements, happier customers, better business outcomes.

Make it happen today, with Avaya Context Store and Avaya Breeze.