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Congrats Avaya

We’re pretty excited about our progress over the past year. We’re even more excited that our customers are stepping up to congratulate us, and show their commitment to Avaya. Some of them even sent in video clips. 

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Jim Marsh from Carousel Industries, I wanna say congratulations to the whole Avaya team. We are so excited to continue to work with you guys and really taking this as an opportunity to go out and win market share together.
>> Hi, I'm Jim **** and CEO of Televerde, and I am thrilled to have heard the recent announcement about Avaya.

Congratulations Avaya.
>> I wish them all the best and good luck.
>> This is Mohamed Fathy, Avaya Product Manager at Mantrac Distribution. I'm congratulating Avaya for exiting Chapter 11.
>> We wish Avaya all the best.
>> It's really a time for us all to really celebrate together and start driving this business moving forward.

So looking forward to seeing more new partners and working with our existing partners alongside Avaya over the next 12 months.
>> This time of year, there's a lot of things to be excited and thankful for. But one of the things I'm really excited about is Avaya coming out of bankruptcy.

The programs, the mood, everything within that organization says transformation, and we're really excited to be a part of it. You should take a look. And thank you, Avaya, for everything you've done so far. And we're looking forward to a very prosperous 2018.
>> Virginia 811 is looking forward to our continued partnership with Avaya.


>> We really enjoy working with you guys and are looking forward to the future. Congratulations, Avaya.
>> Congratulations, Avaya. Today, you've reached an incredible milestone and were looking forward that lies ahead.
>> I wanna congratulate Avaya team for all their hard work in getting a successful conclusion.


>> I'd like to congratulate Avaya for successfully completing their financial restructuring, and that's great news as we move into 2018.
>> We are delighted that Avaya has successfully come out of Chapter 11.
>> It's fantastic news and real testament to the management team, the power of the brand, and the quality and relevance of the products.


>> We expect a lot out of you Avaya, and so glad that you're coming out of bankruptcy.
>> Congratulations, Avaya, we're fully behind you and we're delighted you've come out of Chapter 11.
>> Congratulations to Avaya, coming out of Chapter 11. We're super excited in working with you in the future.


>> Happy New Year, Avaya I'm looking forward to a great 2018, let's go get them.
>> Go Avaya!

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