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Avaya IP Office Platform gives your customer the ability to reach you wherever you are and on any device. This Avaya solution makes collaboration between you, your customer, and your agents seamless allowing you to solve problems faster and easier than before. Now remote workers can be just as productive away from the office as they are in the office.

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Your customer needs to reach you. Your midsize business is there, but you're here. No problem. The Avaya IP Office platform gives you access to the same powerful collaboration capabilities you get inside the office, even when you're here, not there. Your customer reaches you on any device you choose wherever you are.

Talking with your customer, you quickly realize she has a problem that requires a senior technician. You check presence status online, and see that Mark is available. You send him an IM, which rapidly escalates to a three-way conference call with the customer, to discuss the problem. Mark decides a tech needs to visit the site.

Using Avaya Geo presence, Mark finds a field tech online near the customer. He sends an IM to the tech asking him to stop by the customer’s office. Once he’s on site, the tech establishes a video connection so Mark can see the problem and recommend a solution. Problem solved.

Woo-hoo! You're a hero! It started with one simple contact. You used one solution, the Avaya IP Office platform that took care of everything for you, even if you weren't in the office. And this example isn't unique. Today nearly half of all information workers work remotely. That's a big challenge.

But with Avaya IP Office, all of your remote workers can be just as productive away from the office as when they're in the office. Using any device, even their own, your staff can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, making them and your business more productive. Want to find out more about how an Avaya IP office solution can maximize your mobile productivity?

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