Avaya Workplace: The User Experience

This is a detailed overview of the capabilities of Avaya Workplace from a user's perspective.

>> You're busy, on the go, lots of things going on. You want a solution that's right there with you, wherever you are or whatever device you're using. Whether you're in sales, operations, finance, customer service, giving you access to the tools you need to drive your day forward. Get all of that and much more with Avaya IX Workplace.

Use it to handle all your communications across all your devices. Start at the Top Of Mind screen, and get an up to the minute read on your calendar, messages, and calls. How many meetings today? Are you running late? Avaya IX Workplace lets you know right away. It flags new messages and lets you know who's available to connect and who's not.

Ready to get started? No need to switch applications, just tap and connect via voice, video, or chat. See all your messages in one place, organized by topic, attach any kind of file. Because Avaya IX Workplace instantly updates from device to device, you're always in sync, whatever you're using.

You can start a call or meeting on one device and pick it up on another. Your profile updates, too, wherever you are, easily adjust your preferences. Manage all your contact numbers, carve out private, uninterrupted time. And Avaya IX Workplace makes it easy to juggle multiple calls, or conference them together, whether on your mobile or your desktop.

To make the communications experience even more seamless, embed Avaya IX Workplace inside your browser. Or other applications, including Google, Office 365, or Salesforce, without switching back and forth. And Avaya IX Workplace makes collaboration easy, too, get HD audio and video. Share content and moderate your meeting from any device, easily arrange the video.

If you meed to break away to multitask, monitor the meeting on mute, unmute and jump back in anytime. Or if you are the host and need to leave early, just enable Continuation and everyone else can keep going. And if you're the kind of person that spends your time working on teams.

Avaya IX Collaboration gives you a single place to go for managing documents and assigning tasks. Easily see a record of all previous messages, and jump into your regularly scheduled meetings via voice or video. Everything you need for team and project collaboration. Work from anywhere, keep things top of mind, easily move between devices and applications.

Avaya IX Workplace and IX Collaboration, seamless solutions for the way you and your teams really work. When the experience matters, trust Avaya.