Avaya Vantage - Revolutionizing the Business Desktop

Avaya Vantage help users unleash the full potential of the Avaya Communications Cloud—or other approved third-party platforms—with a more simplified, personalized, wireless and cloud-smart desktop experience.

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Hey, Vantage, what's the weather tomorrow?
>> If you were going to reinvent the traditional business phone for the way people communicate today, it would be the Avaya Vantage. You'll rely on Vantage for all your everyday voice communications. But that's just the start. Vantage is also the perfect way to keep tabs on social media, research the web, or play your playlist.

And for handling that all important video call, Vantage has that covered, too.
>> So are you at the site now?
>> Go corded, cordless, or use a headset, or no handset at all. All glass or use a keyboard. Vantage is all about how you work.
>> I use it to track our stock prices.


>> I use it to keep track of my kids.
>> I use it for video conferencing so I don't have to travel.
>> Everything I do revolves around my Avaya advantage. My whole world is inside that phone.
>> Ready to reinvent communications in your office? Then you're ready for Avaya Vantage.

Talk to you Avaya representative and see just how revolutionary Vantage really is.