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Learn why the Avaya Support Website is the fastest way for you to get support.  Explore our state-of-the-art capabilities including the Avaya Knowledgebase, Ava (the Avaya Virtual Agent), and Web Chat, Web Talk and Web Video to quickly communicate with live agents. The resources in the Avaya knowledge base are updating regularly based on customer feedback and live support inquires ensuring our solutions are accurate, up-to-date, and easy to implement.

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As an Avaya customer, you already know that our agents and network engineers provide exceptional customer support. But, did you know there is now a better way to reach our support experts? More powerful than a phone call, the Avaya Support Website gives you direct, real-time support from our agents and network engineers.

As well as the tools, diagnostics, patches and documents to keep your Avaya products running smoothly. With so many resources on the website, you may not know where to start. That's where your virtual agent, Ava, comes in. Ava can quickly guide you towards the resources that are best suited for your needs.

Powered by Avaya automated chat, Ava is setting new standards in responsiveness and accuracy for online solution support. Click on Ava to start the chat. As soon as you start typing, a case history is opened and a service request is created in the background. Ava also begins capturing a transcript of your session.

Natural language processing allows Ava to ask the same questions that our live support agents do. Based on your responses, sheet search is the nearly 87,000 documents in the Avaya knowledge base to find the solutions you need. In seconds, you get results that maximize the return on your investments in Avaya product and services.

The resources in the Avaya knowledge base are updated regularly based on customer feedback and live support inquiries. So you can be confident that our solutions will be accurate, up to date, and easy to implement. Solutions are delivered seamlessly to your desktop in the media formats you prefer. Avaya can even suggest resources to proactively stop problems before they affect your network.

If you prefer to work with a live agent, Avaya can seamlessly transfer you to live support right on the via support website. Support agents have the technical expertise and product knowledge to answer even the most challenging questions. Live support is available 24/7 through Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video options.

Your support agent can quickly get up to speed with your case by reviewing the transcript of your chat session with Ava. This means less time repeating key details and more time dedicated to issue resolution. Your support agent can also invite other Avaya experts to participate in your live chat and collaborate with you to resolve your issue.

By leveraging web based technology, you get comprehensive solutions that are dynamic and responsive. Customer satisfaction with all facets of the Avaya support website continues to increase. The user friendly design is easy to navigate. The innovative technology lets you seamlessly access multimedia resources. And the multi-channel delivery options let you communicate with our support agents through chat, voice, and video.

Visit the Avaya support website today and experience online solution support that is fast, powerful, and seemless.

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