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The Avaya Support Website contains all of the tools necessary to solve a customer service issue including web talk, and desktop collaboration tools for chat, sharing, white boarding, and more. Now Avaya Web Video makes it easier to show a solution rather than trying to describe it to a customer. Some people like to find answers on their own and some people want the help of an Avaya agent, but everyone wants support that is fast, accurate, and convenient. That’s what you get with Avaya.

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The world of technical support is changing. Picking up the phone to explain a problem is still the way many people get assistance. But now chat is increasingly popular. And if the information is online, many people prefer to look it up themselves. Avaya makes all of these tools available on the Avaya support website, including web talk, the extensive Avaya knowledge base.

And our complete set of desktop collaboration tools for chat, sharing, whiteboarding and more. But what about situations where instead of explaining the problem, you want to show it. Rather than someone describing the solutions they could demonstrate it. That's the power of making video part of customer service. That's the power of Avaya Web Video.

It's browser-based, so there's no client software to install. Start a chat session, and switch to video at any time. It instantly connects you to an Avaya Support Engineer. You can choose to make the video call one-way or two-way. All of your information stays with the call. Previous contacts, web pages visited, documents reviewed, transactions currently in-process.

Use Avaya Web Video to meet your Avaya expert, troubleshoot problems, simplify complex issues, hold status meetings, see solutions. With Avaya Web Video, it's like having a Avaya technical expert right next to you. And if other Avaya experts are needed, they can join anytime. No time is wasted with transfers or hand-offs.

The Avaya support website supports more than 10,000 service interactions every day. In addition to web chat, web talk and web video, use it to get the latest information on your systems. Conduct system health checks, plan upgrades and configurations, get instantly connected to emergency recovery specialists. Some people like to find answers on their own.

Others want the help of an Avaya agent or engineer. Everyone wants support that is fast, accurate, and convenient. That's what you get with Avaya. We took the same collaboration technologies we invented and are delivering to customers around the world. And put them to work to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

For easy one touch support that brings the experts to you your way, rely on Avaya.
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