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Avaya Spaces – Work in a Whole New Way

Always-on cloud workstream collaboration. Meet the challenges of an unpredictable, work-from-anywhere world with continuous, composable collaboration designed to bring teams together from any location, on any device.

>> [MUSIC] Remember work, or at least, how it used to be? Well work still happens and we're just working differently now. But collaborating, chatting, and sharing documents that can feel disconnected from everything else in your workday. You need to connect it all together, not in 20 apps, but one. That's why you need AVAYA spaces. Spaces offers you video conferencing, collaboration, virtual meetings, and much much more. It's flexible, letting you and your team work however you need to. You can meet, chat, share files and updates, assign and manage tasks, see real-time transcriptions, and keep current on everything you need to. It's all made more intelligent by powerful AI that learns how you work and anticipates what you need next. Spaces lets you work the way you want to. Giving you complete access to all the people and tools you need all in one place. All you have to do is spin up a space. It's secure, all in the cloud and all in one app. With spaces, you can solve every problem faster while you blend work and life, however you need to. Remember work and how it used to be? Well, now you can do it in a whole new way, with AVAYA Spaces. [MUSIC]