Avaya Spaces - Powering Your Digital Workplace

Always-on cloud collaboration. Meet the challenges of an unpredictable, work-from-anywhere world with continuous, multiexperience collaboration designed to bring teams together from any location, on any device.

>> In today's digital workplace, we're all doing things a bit differently. And we love the tools that make it easy, that streamline our day and help pull it all together, which is why you love Avaya Spaces. Because as much as we try to plan our days, inevitably, so much that's unplanned gets thrown our way.

Avaya Spaces is there to pull it all together, create a project space, brainstorm, debate, align, update, get clarity, build excitement, show empathy. And while what happens in the meeting is important, so is what happens before and after. Use Avaya Spaces to set up schedules, track deliverables, keep tabs on what's urgent, when someone sends a message, attaches a document, assigns a task, posts, shares an image, a recording, a link.

It's all organized in a team space. A record of everyone's contributions, always on, continuously available. As one team ends its day, another one picks up the thread. Rely on spaces to boost relationships, build communities. And when you need to go from the virtual room to the physical room, take Avaya Spaces right along with you.

Connect it to the apps you use today and the new ones you'll be using tomorrow. Build your own workflows, record everything. To collaborate with people outside your organization, send them a link. There's nothing to download. Get the protections you need to keep out hackers and keep the information you share safe and secure.

With so many ways to connect and collaborate in today's digital workplace, you need the app that brings it all together, Avaya Spaces. When the experience matters, trust Avaya.