Avaya Spaces on Avaya Vantage

Always arrive to your Avaya Spaces meetings on time and stay in complete control of all your communications. Avaya Vantage has everything you need to enjoy the Avaya Spaces experience from your home office desktop—without requiring your laptop.

>> [MUSIC] Sure. You're working differently today, but are you working better, if you're struggling, trying to keep up with all your meetings, messages, projects, Avaya has a way to simplify your life. Avaya Vantage with Avaya Spaces. Vantage, is the powerful desktop device specifically designed for communications and collaboration, and Spaces is the breakthrough Cloud-based solution for managing your teams and projects. Now all your messages, meetings, files, plus all the apps you like to use are organized for you in a solution that's always on and always at your fingertips. Easily equip your entire team of home office workers. They just power it up, connect to Wi-Fi and they're ready to go. No need for IT, need to join a meeting? Just tap and you're in. Need to shift what's on your vantage to a laptop or a bigger display? Just tap and it's there. Cost for all of this? Pennies per user per day. Get a solution designed for the way we work today. Avaya Vantage with Avaya Spaces.[MUSIC]