Avaya Spaces Composability - Retail Home Kitchen Design

By integrating Avaya Spaces capabilities—like video and chat—a Global Home Furnishing Brand creates an AI-enhanced digital solution so their customers can visualize and have the kitchens of their dreams. This composable approach is the how-to behind a rich, interactive kitchen design tool that brings a furnishing consultation to the home. See the story and be inspired to compose your own innovations.

>> [MUSIC] How do you create effortless experiences for your customers and employees when the world around you is anything but simple? Well, when you're a global home furnishing brand, helping customers visualize the kitchen of their dreams and a worldwide disruption makes on-site appointments impossible, you use Avaya Spaces to bring a home furnishing consultation to the home. By blending AI-enhanced video, chat, and collaboration capabilities from Spaces. With their existing kitchen design app, this brand built an integrated virtual kitchen design tool. Designers then work with customers to turn their ideas into a fully baked five-star creations. Making changes and customization in real-time. Sharing information in chat, and ensuring each kitchen was perfectly done right out of the oven. So when you want to make it easy to connect with customers, create on the spot consultation hubs to bring everyone together and make effortless moments for customers and employees, your main course of action. Use Avaya Spaces.