Avaya Solutions for Media and Entertainment Companies

Digital Transformation must enable you to improve experiences for customers and employees alike. With Avaya’s AI, omnichannel processes, and data resources, create the experiences that can foster relationships, drive loyalty, and grow your business.

>> [MUSIC] Digital transformation means continual change. Media and entertainment organizations need to adapt with seamless connection with customers, employees, and teams. By using a bias combination of AI on the channel processes and robust data resources, you can drive brand loyalty and generate new revenues. Avaya allows you to compose personalized customer experiences while balancing cost and efficiency objectives. You can match customers to the best possible agents regardless of if they're working at home or in a contact center. Avaya enables secure, effective, and efficient hybrid and on-premises working environments. Workstream collaboration applications replace disparate tools by integrating video, chat, posts, file-sharing, and task management in one application. [MUSIC] Keeping customer data secure is essential. But it doesn't have to be a trade-off between customer experience and security. The time has come to change the nature of customer to agent interactions, and Avaya has the technology to make it happen. [MUSIC] Whether in the Cloud premise based or hybrid, Avaya is helping leading media and entertainment organizations by providing the tools and technologies that build experiences that matter. [MUSIC]