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Avaya Pod Fx Video

Avaya Pod Fx combines applications, servers, storage, networking, and management components in an easy-to-deploy and ready-to-operate package. Avaya Pod Fx takes industry-leading technologies from VMware, EMC, and Avaya and combines them into a single integrated solution complete with common support. Watch this video to learn how Avaya can benefit your business by saving you money, expanding your capacity, and so much more.

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Your data center, It's virtualized. Racks and racks of servers have been consolidated, delivering better uptime and lower maintenance costs. Except, those servers over there, the ones for internal communications and your contact centers, they aren't virtualized. You say, that's gonna happen. When things get slow we'll do it ourselves and save a ton of money.

But will you really make that investment in the 9 to 12 months it typically makes to make it happen, in the special skills needed to put it together, in the resources needed to keep it going? When Avaya has already made the investment, done the work with the Avaya Pod Fx.

It's a complete solution you can use to virtualize real time communications and contact center applications and do it right now. Avaya Pod FX brings together best-in-breed technology from HP, VMware, EMC and our own industry-leading Avaya communications capabilities in one integrated solution. All the compute, storage, networking, management, and applications you need racked, stacked, and cabled.

Wheel it in, power it up, connect it to the network, and you're ready to go. Turn up live contact center agents in days. Deliver the latest engagement capabilities to users in hours. Provide a better quality of experience across your applications and retain control over every aspect of communications with a standalone dedicated solution.

Whether you're an enterprise looking for a risk-free way to virtualize your communications, or a cloud service provider looking to get into the lucrative communications as a service market, Avaya Pod Fx is the fast simple solution for delivering the advanced communications features your users demand, while saving money in the process.

Avaya Pod FX comes to you fully tested and validates and includes Avaya's SDN Fx architecture for interconnecting pods across the WAN with lightning fast resiliency. And custom-built management tools, enabling intelligent single pane of glass management for the entire infrastructure. For support, rely on Avaya as your single point of contact.

Enterprises and service providers around the world are already benefitting from Avaya Pod Fx. DTSI Group, a global systems integrator, started using Avaya Pod Fx and discovered we were able to turn up live agents on the system within days of being deployed. Over five years, Avaya Pod Fx will save us $600,000.

A major US ISP using Avaya Pod FX found it could expand capacity with less footprint for its internal contact center implementation. According to the ISP, we've been able to consolidate 60 servers down to 10. Instead of waiting to virtualize your communications and doing it all yourself, virtualize now with a turn key solution that does it all for you, built with the industries best components, backed by the leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement.

Pod Fx, only from Avaya.

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