Avaya OneCloud Subscription

Enjoy the benefits of a subscription purchasing model for your on-premises Avaya communications systems.

>> In business, you're always adapting to change. And that means having the right systems in place, so you can handle anything. But getting your business communications ready for change shouldn't require a large upfront investment. Instead, get Avaya subscription. It gives you a complete Avaya communications solution. Software, devices, upgrades, and on-going support, and you can pay for it as you use it.

Get the tools you need to stay connected, to keep your employees productive and collaborating from anywhere, to deliver the experiences your customers will remember. Instead of paying for everything up front, you make much smaller payments each month. As your needs change or the technology evolves, you just update your subscription.

Always having the latest updates to address security gaps and avoid disruptions will give you peace of mind. And when disaster does strike, you'll have the tools you need to keep your people and your business connected. Because it's Avaya, you're getting the same communications quality relied on by businesses in over 175 countries, and used by over 144 million people every day.

And now available as a subscription plan with substantial saving. Existing Avaya customers can take as much as 40% off the monthly payment. You can increase the number of users or agents by up to 20% at no extra fee. And Avaya is offering significant same time discounts for devices, hardware, and upgrade services.

Being ready for tomorrow means making smart decisions today. Getting the latest Avaya communications capabilities on a subscription basis is a smart decision. Talk to your Avaya representative and start taking advantage of Avaya subscription, today.