Avaya OneCloud Healthcare Communications

Avaya OneCloud, our multi-cloud application ecosystem, delivers Avaya HIPAA-compliant, innovative, and timely healthcare solutions that drive a better overall customer experience. Quickly customize and deploy automated processes to address the current challenges of COVID-19—from contact tracing to vaccine rollout—as well as what will be needed post-pandemic.

>> [MUSIC] Good communication between patients and their providers has always been at the heart of the health care experience. Today, patients expect their providers to connect with them on their terms across multiple touch points. Now with Avaya OneCloud, you can get the composable solutions you need to keep up with changing patient expectations. Interested? Well, here are five examples of how health care organizations are using Avaya OneCloud today. These include managing appointments, answering questions, automating workflows, COVID-19 response, and proactive communications. For managing appointments Avaya OneCloud makes both scheduling and sending reminders a snap. Automating reminders helps to reduce the cost of no-shows. For answering questions, Avaya OneCloud delivers intelligent hotlines with advanced analytics to recognize and engage patients, process inputs, monitor sentiment, and connect them to the information or people they need. Avaya OneCloud is ideal for automating workflows, dramatically simplifying patient processing, release authorizations, billing, and more. Avaya OneCloud makes it possible to subscribe to personalized COVID-19 response solutions, including contact tracing and vaccine administration. Avaya OneCloud lets you proactively and quickly deliver critical information, like medication management and test results. Avaya OneCloud solutions are completely composable. Avaya can personalize these solutions to meet your specific business needs in a few hours, all you need to do is subscribe to them in the Cloud. They are also scalable, adapting to your usage pattern, and you only pay for what you use. Ready to start delivering a smarter, easier communications experiences your patients are looking for? Connect on avaya.com or contact your Avaya representative to see what Avaya OneCloud can do for you. [MUSIC]