Avaya OneCloud - Delivering The Total Experience

Avaya OneCloud brings together customer and employee experience tools designed in a single, composable cloud solution—delivering a Total Experience and changing the game.

>> [MUSIC] Hello, and welcome to this quick overview of Avaya OneCloud. Avaya OneCloud brings together customer service tools originally designed for the contact center, with the communications and collaboration tools used in the office. Combining them in a single composable Cloud solution, delivering a total experience and changing the game and how customer and employee experiences are delivered. >> When you look at how customer experiences have traditionally been delivered, it's really siloed. A customer gets connected to an agent who's equipped with tools to handle a certain set of problems. And that's one silo. When the agent can't resolve an issue, a subject matter expert gets involved. These are typically knowledge workers and they use a whole different set of unified communications tools for messaging, document sharing, and video calls. And that's the other silo. This siloed approach is increasingly out of step with the needs and expectations of a lot of customers. Customers today expect whoever they're dealing with to be able to do at all, and they aren't interested in silos or roles. And they expect the total experience. If they want to start an interaction with a text message and then turn it into a video call, they expect to be able to do that. As more interactions go completely online, really, there is no agent or customer service rep anymore. >> What Christine is talking about is already happening in health care, education, real estate, home design, the customer, the patient, student, homebuyer or homeowner are interacting directly with the expert, the doctor, the teacher, the real estate broker, the designer. That's the experience. Avaya OneCloud is designed to support that experience. All the tools for interacting, communicating, sharing information, seeing the interaction history, setting up next steps are all right there. And so are the latest AI capabilities for monitoring customer sentiment or doing things like noise removal and virtual backgrounds. Avaya OneCloud goes beyond simply integrating these capabilities. It also makes them completely composable. >> Composability is a big piece of what makes Avaya OneCloud so different. Composability means any organization can subscribe to Avaya OneCloud. They can choose from the dozens of capabilities and then compose them into exactly the customer and employee experiences that they want to deliver. >> That's what MedicSetu did in India. During the COVID crisis, it used Avaya OneCloud to compose a fully functioning virtual outpatient department in just seven days. In Dubai, Emaar properties uses Avaya OneCloud, so its real estate agents can easily collaborate with prospective buyers, taking virtual tours together and exchanging files. One of the world's largest furniture and home design companies relies on Avaya OneCloud to provide a complete interactive site for designing kitchens. A major provider of online education uses Avaya OneCloud for everything from classes to testing, to managing homework assignments. >> Obviously because so many face-to-face interactions suddenly became impossible, the pandemic really jump-started interests in Avaya OneCloud, but the idea of doing things like this online is here to stay. For example, here's Advanced Call center Technologies. It's a major provider of customer experience solutions for companies and financial services, telecom, health care, and retail. It's now using Avaya OneCloud. According to President and CEO Hunter Craft, that's not only made ACT more agile and responsive, it has saved the company over a million dollars in operating costs. >> We had various communication platforms across the business. Became really apparent that these competing products not only didn't work, but they were expensive as a business saved over a million a year moving to one unified communication structure. One of the things our operations team loves was the ability to set up rooms. If something happens, we can quickly set up a room for collaboration. I had a top-five bank with a need for a customer survey and they needed it fast. I was concerned about the delivery and how fast we could do it. We partnered with Avaya and in a matter of a day, had a solution. We really have utilized this platform as a big part of our strategic growth plan. >> To learn more about Avaya OneCloud, go to avaya.com.