Avaya OneCloud CPaaS - Overview

Digital transformation is easy with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS. Rely on Avaya to give you the tools you need to build an amazing communications experience for your customers and employees.

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You're interacting with your customers in completely different ways today. And whether they're calling, browsing your website, using your mobile app or on their favorite social media. Your customers expect you to make it easy. You can create the channels and build all the communications. But why do both when you don't have to?

Instead rely on Avaya OneCloud communications platform as a service. Delivered over the Avaya global network. Now when you come up with a new way to engage with your customers, you can just as quickly add all the communications you need to build an amazing engagement experience. Make it easy for your customers to set up a chat.

Organize a meeting, instantly connect to a virtual agent.
>> Hello Tom, how can I help you?
>> Avaya OneCloud CPaaS gives you a full tool set of communications API's. Or choose from our fully developed apps ready for immediate deployment and designed to address today's biggest challenges. All delivered as a service, ready to connect directly with your CRM, including native integration to Avaya contact centers.

And native support for the latest AI capabilities. Because it's the cloud, you only pay for what you use while getting all the scalability and global reach you need. Ready to get started? Just set up an Avaya OneCloud CPaaS account. Winning, serving, keeping customers today. It's all about the experience you deliver.

Rely on Avaya to give you the tools you need to get it right.