Avaya OneCloud – Private Delivery

With Avaya OneCloud, you can have UC and Contact Center solutions delivered on your own private cloud. Our ReadyNow offer is the fast track to POC and production. Our Secure offer is designed for government installments. Or go Custom to define a unique deployment that exactly meets your needs.

>> Thriving in today's digital economy. It's all about being agile, being nimble. Seeing opportunities and seizing the moment. For that kind of freedom and flexibility, you need the cloud. But not just any cloud. To equip your people with the tools they need to deliver best-in-class customer experiences, you want Avaya OneCloud.

Avaya offers a full complement of cloud-delivering models to fit your needs, including our best-in-class private option, available in Ready Now, Secure, and Custom deployments. For enterprises with established communication systems, the highly automated Ready Now architecture is the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way to get cloud enabled. Keep all of the apps and devices you're using right now.

Then add capabilities and capacity as your needs evolve. Because it's private, it's all yours. A single instance software solution that's 100% dedicated to you. Mitigate risk by minimizing changes to existing workflows, minimizing the need for user or agent training. And get full interoperability with your existing Avaya on-premise applications and assets.

Government agencies and other organizations with specific security and compliance requirements can take advantage of a secure deployment of Avaya's private cloud options. And get access control, encryption, and other security capabilities designed for your specific requirements. Large enterprises with unique requirements will benefit from a custom deployment. That delivers full access to the global team of Avaya certified cloud experts, ready to streamline your cloud transition, with deployments based on full ITIL/ISO and Agile methodology.

Regardless of which private cloud deployment option you choose, you continually benefit from the innovations in collaboration, mobility, and customer experience that have made Avaya a global leader. Worried that a private cloud is an expensive cloud? Let us show you how we can implement the features you need and the security you demand at a price that will surprise you.

Want to move to the cloud with complete control of the scope and pace, at a competitive price, in a Ready Now, Secure, or Custom deployment? Then talk to your Avaya representative about the best way for you to take full advantage of a private delivery of Avaya OneCloud.