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Avaya Oceana™ is an entirely new way to design, deliver and manage your customer engagements. It’s a solution designed from the ground up for today’s multi-touch world. It allows you to go deeper and deliver the customer experience that matters in the moment. Watch this video for an example of a customer journey with Oceana and see what it can do for your own customer experience.

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They are your best customers, and your most demanding. They move easily and seamlessly across the digital landscape, picking and choosing when, where, and how they interact. They buy more, they expect more. To keep their loyalty, you need to deliver more. A customer experience that's smarter, contextual, responsive to wherever they are in there journey.

Are you ready? You are with Avaya Oceana. Avaya Oceana is an entirely in a new way to design, deliver, and manage your customer engagements. Designed from the ground up for today's multi-touch world. But it's more than that. It's a solution that allows you to go deeper and deliver the customer experiences that matter in the moment.

For a customer like Linda, 29, a junior consultant in a top accounting firm. Heading out of town in a business trip, Linda receives an email about upgrading her account to one that has additional rewards. She visits the landing page. Accepts the automated chat option. And fires off some questions.

Based on Linda's questions, the automated chat seamlessly transitions to a live agent. Because Linda was on the upgrade page, Oceana sees that and uses attribute-based matching to route the chat session directly to the right agent. In this case, Rita, an agent trained specifically for upgrades. Oceana gives Rita a snapshot of Linda's jounrey so far.

The upgrade email, the landing page, the chat history. Rita plunges right in, addressing Linda's concerns, and suggests an upgrade option that would allow even more benefits. But Linda's cab has arrived at the airport, and she has to take an important call. No worries, Rita emails her a link to pick up the conversation later.

Later in her hotel, Linda clicks on the link and a chat window pops up, this time inviting her to speak live to an agent. Linda agrees, and a WebRTC call is placed. Because Rita is available, she gets the call. In Oceana, Rita sees that recap of the entire interaction, and suggests that Linda verify her credit card information.

She sends Linda a link to co-browse an online form. Rita is there to help, but Linda's secure information is masked. As she is completing the form, Linda asks Rita about coverage on rental cars. Realizing she needs some help in responding to Linda's query, Rita notices that Bob, a car rental expert is available, and adds him to the call.

With a brief introduction, Rita leaves Linda in his capable hands. With Oceana, Bob instantly sees all of Linda's interactions. But Linda needs to hurry along, she's meeting friends for dinner. No problem. Bob sends her an SMS confirming the account upgrade, with a link to information about car rentals.

And an option Linda can use the next time she rents one, nice. That's customer engagement, the Avaya Oceana way. Smart, contextual, proactive, going beyond the routine. Empowering your agents to efficiently handle interactions across all channels, through a single desktop. Delivering powerful, real-time visualization of the customer journey. And because Oceana is based on the innovative Avaya Breeze Platform, you can use Breeze's simple drag and drop interface to extend and customize the customer experience, by adding preprogrammed snap-ins, connections to other CRM systems.

Or even embedding Oceana capabilities directly into your own applications. It's all part of Oceana, including the ability for managers to get real-time analytics across all channels. Generic one-size-fits-all service, doesn't cut it anymore. Service that's contextual and anticipating, does. That's customer experience for a multi-touch world. That's Avaya Oceana.

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