Avaya Oceana Solution

Learn about Avaya Oceana and Avaya Oceanalytics, Avaya’s next generation digital communications experience solutions for customer engagement. We're helping organizations deliver amazing experiences to win the CX battle.

>> The world has become smarter, more digital, and hyper connected. Building a brand your customers love is all about delivering a lasting and impactful experience everywhere. An experience that starts with treating them as individuals, matching them to the right resources and serving them how they want, when they want, on the device they want.

Your team and your agents champion this customer experience. You need to deliver an environment that is powerful and productive, giving your team the contextual awareness and powerful analytics they need to serve customers better. How can you deliver a great experience across all touch points? Introducing Avaya Oceana, your omni-channel customer experience solution for the digital age.

With full contextual awareness, attributes-based matching, omni-channel desktop workspaces, and powerful analytics, Oceana steers the entire customer journey to create a great experience and deliver positive outcomes for your customers, agents, and business. Experience is everything. Experience success with Avaya Oceana.