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Avaya Oceana Solution for Agents and Supervisors

Glimpse what the Agent and Supervisor experience should look like and what is possible today.

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Your always connected customer, more online, more mobile, more comfortable with a wide range of digital interactions. They've embraced the Omnichannel World. But when they connect to your contact center, does that omnichannel experience come to a grinding halt or too often, that's the case. As customers use more digital channels, contact centers have responded with point solutions.

That works for a while, but it still needs to service that's disjointed for customers and frustrating for agents. Customers are forced to repeat the same information over and over. Agents are forced to jump between different applications and databases, and can't easily get to the queues and prompts that enhance performance.

It's inefficient and costly, and undermines the personalized service you need to be competitive. Avaya has a better way. Avaya Oceana Workspaces. A completely integrated customer experience solution designed for the way contact center should work in an Omnichannel World. Sales journeys are not linear. A customer might have browsed your website, interacted with a chatbot, watched a video and then called, Avaya Oceana tracks all of that.

Your agent sees what happened at every touchpoint along with critical information from your internal CRM and knowledge management systems. Automated prompts and cues and quick access to other experts in your organization.


And during any interaction, if a customer needs additional help Avaya Oceana makes it easy for them to share their screen with seamless, secure co-browsing, automatically masking sensitive data. Avaya Oceana is just as powerful when it comes to tools for managing and administering today's omnichannel contact center. Getting the real time and historical reports you need to measure and enhance performance.

Along with a straightforward interface for managing agent attributes and workflows. Better than the traditional skills-based routing tables and queues that are commonplace in contact centers today. Avaya Oceana expand skills-based routing options and elements through attribute matching. Avaya Oceana leverages advanced algorithms for factoring in a wide range of internal and external considerations.

Customer preferences, workforce availability, the weather, business events, desired outcomes and more. So you can match the right agent with the right customer each time, every time. Today's customers move easily in and out of one digital interaction after another and they expect you to be right there with them.

Now you can manage your customer engagements across any device or channel, personalize and improve your interactions while growing customer loyalty and advocacy. Rely on real time fully managed insights, a single integrated solution designed for the way contact centers need to work in an Omnichannel World. Oceana Workspaces from the global leader in contact center solutions, Avaya.