Avaya Oceana Solution: Redefine Your Customer’s Experience

See how the Avaya Oceana Solution provides a personalized, relevant customer journey.

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Let's look at how Avaya envisions engagement with prospective customers. What you'll see demonstrates three key ways Avaya delivers predictable business outcomes. One, a personalized, relevant customer buying journey. Two, complete 360 integration among customer facing channels and internal channels. And three, capturing data and converting that into clear actionable insights.

Let's look first at the customer experience. Meet Nick. Nick works for a medium sized manufacturing company and has been tasked with exploring a new ERP system. Nick's particularly interested in exploring cloud based solutions. He's interested in cloud based ERP systems, a new territory for him, so he's doing research every moment he gets.

Intrigued by something he sees as a result of a search, Nick lands on a relevant blog entry. Nick emails the article to his office email address, so he can continue reading the article on his laptop. Avaya Oceania is at work already, capturing the context of article, the url, and Nick's email address.

Nick receives his email and clicks on the link to continue reading the article. Sensing the amount of time Nick has spent on this page, Avaya Oceania pushes an invitation to chat. Happy to have to have some of his top of mind questions answered, Nick engages in the chat session.

Based on the context of the chat conversation, sophisticated business rules determine that Nick should be matched with a live expert. Nick is seamlessly matched to a business development consultant, Ali. Meet Ally. Ali wanted a career in sales with a company with a cool factor. She wanted to interact with customers with ease and in real time to avoid unnecessary delays, overhead, or to be bogged down in admin work.

Armed with relevant context, Ali continues the chat session with Nick and ultimately invites him to a co-browse session where she registers Nick for an upcoming webinar. Oceana Workspaces is recording these interactions, showing the customer journey and touch points. Based on Nick's journey a work flow is triggered. Adding Nick, his company, and his area of interest to the campaign database.

To keep Nick engaged, Ali suggests relevant content and subscriptions. Nick's appetite for information also triggers a workflow. The activation of social relationships. Sending invitations to Nick from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Nick is eager for the webinar and wishes it were sooner, a clear indication to Ali that Nick is a hot prospect.

Ali asks Nick if he would like to see a demonstration prior to the webinar. Nick agrees and offers Ali some dates and times he's available. Ali quickly checks with the experts who are best suited to demonstrate cloud ERP solutions based on Nick's requirements. Jen, in the cloud group, is easily identified, scheduled, and provided Nick's history.

Nick appreciates the first class service. Everything was effortless. He breathes a sigh of relief, grabs a second cup of coffee of the morning, and looks forward to his demonstration. The takeaways? Nick engaged with the sales team on multiple devices anywhere. He received personal attention right from the start.

The information Nick received was highly relevant. And downstream appointments were set with the best sales team members. Ultimately, the sale cycle was shortened and his journey streamlined.