Avaya Oceana Solution: Redefine Your Agents’ Experience

See how the Avaya Oceana Solution provides a complete 360 integration among customer-facing channels and your internal teams.

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Let's take a look at the interaction from the point of view of Ali, our business development consultant. You'll see how Avaya provides the tools she needs to convert Nick from a casual web browser to an informed and motivated lead. Ali's enthusiastic about selling and has high expectations about using the most sophisticated tools to help both she and her company succeed at a fast pace.

Here, Ali is busy at work, checking her performance statistics throughout the day. She receives notification of an incoming chat request. In a single view, Ali sees everything that Nick has done so far, the article he's read and the chat bot session. She fields an inquiry in chat using pre-prepared suggestions from within the tool.

From these interactions, Ali can tell that Nick is a perfect candidate for the newest cloud-based ERP system. Ali invites Nick to a co-browse session and signs him up for an upcoming webinar. Ali also suggests content and subscriptions most relevant to Nick. He's thrilled about all the content he'll receive.

With webinar and subscription data captured, a workflow is triggered and social media connections are activated through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Nick is looking forward to the webinar and wishes it was sooner, a clear indication to Ali that Nick is a hot prospect. She asks him if he would like to see a demonstration prior to the webinar.

Nick offers some dates and times he's available. Ali quickly collaborates with the experts who are best suited to demonstrate their cloud-based ERP solution based on Nick's requirements. Jen in the cloud group is identified and reached out to. She chats back, letting Ali know that she is available and that the lead is solid.

As Ali schedules the demo, Nick's contact and company information is automatically uploaded into the campaign database, where the sales team will be cued to follow up with Nick after Jen's demo. The wheels are in motion. Not long after that, Ali receives the best chat of all from Jen.

The demo went great and inside sales was able to close the sale with Nick. So what did we see in this look from Ali's perspective? To know where your customer wants to go, you need to know where they've been. Avaya identified Nick's journey and provided not only the relevant documents, it delivered experts.

The people who could and did move him more quickly to the right decision, the right resources at the right time. Additionally, we witnessed Ali's higher level of personal accomplishment. She's a high performer and she'll stay with the company.