Avaya Oceana and Avaya Services

See how Avaya is using our own Avaya Oceana Solution inside the technical support experience we deliver to our customers. We show how Avaya Oceana Chat, Chatbot, and Co-Browse functions create a seamless digital interaction to assist users of our online Global Registration Tool.

>> Technical support is changing, and Oceana, Avaya's purpose built single omnichannel solution, lets you personalize every step and possibility of a customer support interaction. At Avaya we continuously invest in support services and are leveraging Oceana's chat, chat bot, and co browse features allowing us to deliver a digital customer experience that is powerful, productive and personalized.

Avaya customers currently using GRT data via Avaya.com to perform registration tasks can get a taste of Oceana when using the live chat function from the global registration page. Users who engage in live chat will see Oceana's chat bot in action, as the bot will have answers to a set of typical questions.

If the question is not typical, or the user just needs to engage with a live agent, escalation to a live agent is offered.


One a chat is delivered to a live agent, this exciting technology allows a live agent to see the details of the user's chat experience prior to the engagement. An agent can quickly respond to a customer using pre-defined phrases, and can also leverage the power of Oceana chat by reviewing customer journey information.

All allowing the agent to provide support without asking the customer to repeat what they've already done. For situations where you want to show something rather than explain, explaining and describing a complex form can be cumbersome. Avaya's Oceana product has unleashed co-browsing capabilities, allowing Avaya agents to engage with our clients on a different level.

The Avaya GRT agents can co-browse to help customers through a global registration process allowing seamless completion of the task. Oceana is bringing omnichannel to a new level, one stop agent engagement for all channels. We are capturing and capitalizing on big data across our enterprise. Avaya OC analytics breaks down the silos around traditional analytics tools, leveraging the rich visualization of data to fuel real time smarter decision making which helps us drive customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

We are leveraging Oceana to provide our clients a positive seamless customer experience. Experience it yourself, Avaya Oceana.