Avaya Mobile Experience

This video shows how Avaya Mobile Experience helps contact centers reduce costs and capture the information required to deliver the experience mobile callers demand.

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Your contact center, it's essential to your customer experience and digital transformation strategies. Unfortunately, the toll-free service that brings calls into your contact center has it kept pace with the mobile revolution. Today's toll-free service is unable to identify which callers are using mobile devices. Give mobile callers the easy self-service options they now expect.

Capture the information you need to deliver enhanced customer experiences and drive efficiencies. To do any of that, you need to get around the limitations of today's toll-free service. Now you can with Avaya Mobile Experience, a cloud-based solution that adapts your toll-free service to the mobile world. When a call comes into your contact center by toll-free or DID, Avaya Mobile Experience instantly identifies the source, and begins collecting critical mobile caller information, such as the callers name, number, and app navigation flow.

Information, which up until now, has been unavailable or couldn't be verified for mobile callers. Mobile callers are given the option to transition to a mobile web experience.
>> We notice you are calling from a mobile phone. Would you like to use our mobile digital solution?
>> Callers who say yes, get a message with a link for a fast and easy access to the information they need.

The call ends there, as do any toll-free charges, and your caller gets the service they expect. For callers who prefer to continue on to your contact center, the verified caller information collected earlier is provided to your agent for a faster, seamless customer engagement. Avaya Mobile Experience works with any contact center technology.

You don't have to be an existing Avaya customer, but if you are, you can also take advantage of Avaya Breeze snap-ins to enhance your toll-free service even further, and you pay only for what you use. There are no minimum spend requirements. Use the online portal to adapt your service at any time.

Ready to get started? Register today at avaya.com/mobile-experience. Just because today's toll-free technology wasn't designed to handle mobile callers doesn't mean your contact center can't. Avaya Mobile Experience reduces your costs and captures the information you need to deliver the experience your mobile callers demand. Get started today at avaya.com/mobile-experience.