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Deploying the latest communications technologies, which gives your employees and customers new ways to collect and collaborate, drives competitive advantage, but this requires an on-going investment in skills and resources. Avaya Managed Services is a complete set of day-to-day management services that provides the people, expertise, and the industry leading support capabilities you can rely on. Invest in Avaya to improve performance, lower risks, and deliver the quality your customers demand.

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Deploying the latest communications technologies, giving your employees and customers new ways to connect and collaborate, drives competitive advantage. But constantly rolling out new communications, applications and services requires an on-going investment in skills and resources. Putting unprecedented demands on your network and the people who support it, leaving businesses struggling to get from here to there.

A technology adoption gap, that until you solve it, keeps getting wider and wider. But you can shrink and even eliminate this gap, and take full advantage of the ways communications can transform your business by relying on Avaya Managed Services. A complete set of day to day management services.

People, expertise, and the industry leading support capabilities you can rely on. Supplement your IT staff to get critical projects completed on schedule. Remotely manage your entire network and dramatically improve performance. Free up your internal resources to do more by relying on Avaya's expertise. You can choose a set of standardized managed service offerings, or implement a customized plan.

Get full support for Avaya Solutions, the solutions of other vendors, and fully delivered applications in the cloud. Avaya Managed Services are delivered through more than 750 Avaya-managed services experts and network operating centers located around the world. Avaya manages thousands of locations and millions of users using the latest unified communications and collaboration capabilities.

Hundreds of thousands of contact center agents, voice and video solutions, data devices, and more. These real-time applications are some of the most demanding applications your network will ever see. Rely on Avaya Managed Services to improve performance now, lower risks now, and deliver the quality your users are demanding now.

And save you money. By relying on Avaya Managed Services, customers typically reduce their total cost of ownership by 20%. We do it by delivering a single, definable, repeatable, and scalable IT framework based on the IT Infrastructure Library. The industry's leading framework for managed services. Companies that rely on Avaya Managed Services stay with us.

95% of our customers extend and renew their Avaya Managed Services engagement after the initial term. Substantially above the 90% renewal rate that industry analyst deem to be best in class. Ask yourself, where do you want your network and communication applications to be next month? Next year. How will you get there?

What business impact will you be risking if you fall short? And then ask yourself, why assume any unreasonable risk when you can mitigate it with Avaya Managed Services? Talk to your Avaya representative today. Discover all the ways you can use Avaya Managed Services iIn your business. [SOUND]
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