Avaya IX Subscription

Enjoy the benefits of a subscription purchasing model for your on-premises Avaya communications systems.

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Whether you work in finance, in the contact center or in IT. All around you, you're seeing how cloud is simplifying and streamlining how technology gets acquired. That has you wondering. Many of today's cloud options for unified communications are designed for small businesses. Is there a way to get that same cloud flexibility in a solution designed for large businesses?

There is with Avaya IX Subscription. Instead of requiring a large up-front capital investment it 's an ongoing subscription model you can use to equip your individual users and contact center agents with exactly the features and devices they need. Always have access to the latest communications innovations with Avaya Support Advantage Preferred support included.

Easily add new services and equip additional users without worrying about contract changes. Take advantage of Avaya's award winning devices. And choose monthly or annual payments. With Avaya IX Subscription, you get operational agility and predictibility. And the flexibility to expand to 20% above your committed quantity at no extra fee.

You can more easily mix on premises and cloud capabilities. And at any time convert your on premises Avaya IX Subscription to an Avaya OneCloud Subscription. So whether it's your job to streamline purchasing, make sure you have the latest technology to connect with your customers or take another step towards the cloud.

A subscription based model for your on premises software will give you the flexibility you need today and will also position your enterprise for the future. Trust Avaya to make it easier than ever with Avaya IX Subscription.