Avaya IX Collaboration Unit: Five-Minute Setup

Avaya IX Collaboration Unit (CU360) is designed for the cloud, and uses Avaya next-gen technology to deliver all that the cloud has to offer. It is an ideal standalone solution to enable individual workgroups or small-to-midsize businesses, and it can also be used as an integrated video endpoint.

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Bill just got the new Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU-360, and is eager to show it off. So he was delighted when he ran into Lisa.


>> That's the whole thing?
>> That's it, all in one unit, nice and lightweight. Got a camera, microphone, codec for video conferencing.
>> Looks nice.
>> There's a remote, and full keyboard. You connect the HDMI, the Internet,


And the power.


>> Seems simple enough, and it fits right on top of the display.
>> Fits up there nicely.
>> That was quick, but how do I use it?.
>> We simply dial into our Avaya conferencing room.
>> How do I get my presentation up there?
>> It's all wireless, you can share anything you want from your device.

Your laptops, tablets, phones, you can also add the Avaya conference phone for better audio.
>> I see my presentation up there. What about scheduling a meeting?
>> You just send people a link. Here, I'll send a link to Ally, she's working at home today.
>> While you work on that, what else can we do with this?


>> It can be completely integrated into our communication system. You can see your contacts, make phone calls. You can get access to cloud-based apps, like our presentation software.
>> So it really delivers a whole experience. Hey, there's Ally.
>> Hey guys, what are we doing today?
>> Taking the new Avaya Huddle Room system for a test run.


>> When did we get that?
>> About five minutes ago.