Avaya Healthcheck

The Healthcheck tool is available to all Avaya Support customers. It’s a fast, easy way to help keep your Avaya solutions running at peak performance. It brings together thousands of individual diagnostic routines for connectivity, alarming, configuration, and product health.

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You've just added new Avaya components on your network. Before signing off you want to run some tests.


You're experiencing quality issues. I need a quick way to identify where the problems are and how to resolve them. You want to be proactive and check that Avaya can connect to your systems and that the alarming is working correctly. Running these kinds of test takes time and resources.

For a faster, easier way take advantage of Avaya Healthcheck. It brings together four separate tests, thousands of individual diagnostic routines for connectivity, alarming, configuration and product health. Now, instead of hours, you can check the health of your Avaya solutions in minutes. Healthcheck is available to all Avaya Support customers.

From the Avaya Support website. Just connect and get started. Set up test to run anytime. Keep track using the Healthcheck dashboard. Identify potential issues before they become service impacting. Export the results. Rerun tests, drill down for detail. When there are issues to be resolved, Healthcheck searches the Avaya database for actionable steps you can take right away.

And in situations where you need Avaya assistance, these test results give our technicians the information they need to get the job done faster. Because Healthcheck brings together the same tools Avaya support professionals use today. Use a smart simple tool to give your Avaya Solutions a clean bill of health.

Keep tabs on everything from connectivity to configuration. Know that those critical Avaya alarming and support capabilities will be there when you need them. It's all part of Avaya Healthcheck, try it today.