Avaya EXPERT Systems Overview

Downtime makes customers feel like they are losing both money and productivity. Do you wish issues were detected and solved before they impacted service? Avaya EXPERT Systems is an advanced automated diagnostic tool that provides Proactive Problem Prevention. Customers who use Avaya Expert Systems are 73% more likely to avoid an outage, which increases productivity and engagement.

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Imagine a customer frustrated during down time. They anxiously wonder, how much money am I losing? How much productivity? They start feeling a little crazy. And they're right. This is crazy, it's ridiculous, there is a better way. And that way is with Avaya, the leading expert in engagement technologies.

The average downtime costs a customer $1,800 per minute. But Avaya support offers proactive problem prevention. Ensuring that issues are detected and solved before they even impact service. We're talking super speedy resolution of alarms without the need for human intervention or business-busting down time. Take a look at Avaya EXPERT Systems, for example.

A tool that helps Avaya support deliver proactive prevention. EXPERT Systems uses a database of more than 1,000 algorithms to address more than 800 alarm types. Last year alone, Avaya added 130 new alarm types and support for 20 new products and versions. Just how powerful is this automated diagnostics tool?

Well, think of it like this, we typically see 14 million alarms per month. Avaya EXPERT Systems filters and correlates 99.6% of those in a matter of mere minutes. The next stage takes the 0.4% of alarms remaining, and clears 90% of those. That means of the original 14 million alarms, only 6,000 or 0.043% of those End up making it to.

The alarms that do require human assistance are then resolved five times faster than other support requests. Because expert system gives the support engineer deeper, more robust information. The bottom line? Customers who use Avaya EXPERT Systems are 73% more likely to avoid an outage. Meaning, customers who use Avaya EXPERT systems are more likely to increase productivity, increase engagement, and, of course, increase their sanity.

That's the power of experts. That's the power of we.