Avaya Experience Builders: Let's Talk Avaya Spaces

The Avaya team talks about how companies are adapting workstream collaboration tools to fit the needs of their employees and customers. With Avaya Spaces built on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, companies can embed audio, video, chat, screen sharing, space management, and more to provide secure interactions and deliver positive experiences.

>> [BACKGROUND] Hello and welcome to another episode of Avaya Experience Builders: Let's Talk Experiences. We've all seen some big changes in how and where work gets done, with more organizations moving to hybrid and work from home models. In this episode of Avaya Experience Builders, we're going to look at Avaya Spaces, Avaya's workstream collaboration solution that brings together video, meetings, messaging, document sharing, task assignments, and more to help teams of people work closely together regardless of location. But there's another important aspect to Avaya Spaces. Because it was built on Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, you can actually take specific capabilities of Avaya Spaces and embed them into other applications or create entirely new applications. Today we'll be looking at how companies in healthcare, education, and other markets are doing just that. >> Hi, I'm Laura Faughtenberry. I'm with Avaya in Raleigh, Durham as part of the team supporting Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, the platform Avaya Spaces is built on. I'm also a musician, and if you're ever in North Carolina, you can catch me singing and playing guitar in the Raleigh area. Today I'll be talking with Kristine Konrad who works on our Avaya Spaces team. Kristine cut her teeth in the marketing world working for her hometown team, The Vikings. Kristine also teaches dance and has been recognized for her great talent as a fundraiser for causes like cystic fibrosis. >> Hi Kristine. >> Hi Laura. >> I know that many businesses are now using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, and one of the key apps they're using is Avaya Spaces for workstream collaboration. Today we want to discuss some of the many ways that it's making a difference for them. Sound good? >> Yeah, sure. Let's do it. We all know that the last 18 months was a huge game changer for companies. A lot of them went remote and they learned that they are going to stay remote or go hybrid. >> I know that a lot of businesses have had to scramble to figure out how they were going to get their employees up and running remotely. >> Right, a lot of companies were caught off guard when the pandemic hit and they scrambled to get all the basic collaboration pieces in place. They also realized that there were real security issues involving having sensitive information being transferred remotely. >> Let's talk about now, how does Avaya Spaces play in all of this? >> Avaya Spaces is a Cloud-based solution that delivers the capabilities people need to collaborate from anywhere: meetings, video communications, messaging, assigning tasks, you name it. But what's really cool is Avaya Spaces was built on using our Avaya OneCloud CPaaS platform. What does that mean? Anyone with those core collaboration capabilities can do what they need to with it. If you want to create a new way to interact with your customers, you can build that. You can take those core spaces capabilities, audio, video, chat, and screen-sharing and you can embed them into any application. >> Now let's talk about some of the types of customers that are creating applications this way. >> Well, healthcare is a big example. Let's say you have a cough or running temperature. You can use Avaya Spaces to connect with your doctor online. Healthcare companies can set up online waiting rooms, where the patients can check in, fill out paperwork while they're waiting in line and the patient and the doctor can share information, and it's all completely secure and HIPAA compliant. >> That's a great example. Things have come so far so quickly. >> Education is another one. You can use Avaya Spaces to set up learning hubs. You're able to see your teacher, you're able to keep track of assignments, you're able to track your progress. Let's say that you have a question on a test, you can jump into a space to ask your teacher about it or ask a fellow student of yours that had the same wrong answer. You can do that in real time all in one central location. Avaya Spaces is an asset for more than just edu in schools. You can use it for onboarding, you can use it for training. It's good for enterprise companies that have a large employee structure that needs to get onboarded as quickly as possible. >> Nice. I know a lot of businesses were caught off guard with the sudden need to bring the front and back offices together in such a short timeframe. >> Right. Avaya Spaces is ideal for customer service applications. Especially with so many agents working from home, you can now integrate with applications like Salesforce, the video chat and documentarian is right at their fingertips. >> I think Avaya helps something like two million agents moved with remote work during COVID, is that right? >> Right. We actually pre-integrated Avaya Spaces with our OneCloud CPaaS portfolio, specifically the agent desktop. Again, when an agent is working remote and they can't answer a question, they can actually in real time talk to someone from the back office while the customer's still on the phone to answer their question. It's a win-win for both the employee and the customer. >> That's great. I love hearing about the new ways that clients are using Avaya OneCloud to help them serve their own employees and then their customers as well. Thank you so much, Kristine. >> Yeah. Anytime. >> Right now you can launch a 60-day free trial of Avaya Spaces. Sign up today at avaya.com.