Avaya Equinox Meetings Online—Getting Started

Boost your productivity and enhance your relationships. Avaya Equinox Meetings Online deliver HD video, audio, and web conferencing to your cloud meeting room.

>> To easily collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, rely on Avaya Equinox Meetings Online to provide all of the essential video, screen-sharing, and collaboration tools you need to get work done, and, the best part, just click on the link to get started. You don't have to download software.

Here's a quick overview of how to get started. If you plan on doing a lot of collaborating consider opening an Avaya Equinox Meetings online account, that way you'll have your own personal meeting room to use any time. If you've been invited to join a meeting, you'll get an email with a link you can use to join with your browser.

We're using Chrome here, but Equinox Meetings online also works with Firefox. You can also use the free Equinox client app. Before your first meeting, check to make sure your preferred microphone, speakers, and camera are selected and you can see yourself in the preview window. When you've launched a meeting, you can use the controls to mute and unmute your audio, and switch your camera on and off.

This is how video is arranged but you can easily change your layout. You can change how you view yourself or choose not to see yourself, which we don't recommend. If someone is presenting, you can easily switch back and forth between the presentation and video panes. Use chat to communicate with everyone on the call or chat privately with another individual.

You can share your entire screen or just a specific application. The first time you share, you'll be asked to download the Avaya screen sharing extension. It takes just a few seconds, and you can then continue with your meeting. If you choose to share your full screen, you may want to turn off pop-ups and instant messages.

To share a specific application, bring it in front of the you are sharing window, so that everyone can see what you're presenting, including yourself. At any time, you can stop sharing, and here are some other features that make collaboration easy. There's a slider that lets you go back and forth through slides that have presented, an interactive whiteboard for group collaboration, and controls you can use to manage your meeting.

When you want ti exit your meeting, just click on the red telephone icon. As you rely more and more on a via equinox meetings online, you'll indubitably find yourself sending out more meeting invites, it's easy. When logged in to your meeting room, click here and an invite work automatically generated.

If you downloaded Avaya Equinox app, you can send the invitation from Outlook. Your meeting invite will have a more branded look. You can even click the start meeting button if you want to join right away. Well, that's a quick look at how to get started with Avaya Equinox Meeting's Online.

Giving you everything you need for easy online collaboration.